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What did the Spanish call Francis Drake?
Why did they call him a Pirate?
Because he stole from them
What did the English call Francis Drake?
A Privateer
Why did they call him a Privateer?
Because he hurt their enemies the Spanish.
Who was the English people's enemy?
The Spanish
Who were the colonies of Jamestown and Virginia named after?
King James
What was the first English colony that failed in the New World?
What was the first successful colony?
What were some reasons that early English colonies failed?
1. The colonists wanted only to make quick money.
2. They were inexperienced in farming
3. They treated the Indians poorly and fought wars that made them weaker
4. Diseases and starvation
How did the English defeat the Spanish Armada?
1. The English had newer, faster ships
2. They designed their ships to have many cannons
3. Their ships had metal armor
4. The Spanish armada was older and slower
Why did the colony at Jamestown succeed?
Because of the wealth/money made from growing tobacco.
Why did the P{ilgrims come to the New World?
Because they wanted religious freedom.
What were the Spanish protecting?
Their gold mines
Who were they protecting their gold mines from?
From the English and French
Life in the borderlands was lived in one of these
1. Mission
2. Hacienda
3. Presidio
What was done on a mission?
On a mission, greedy priests made Indians work as slaves.
What was done on a hacienda?
They raised thousands of cattle and sheep and had products like:
1. Meat 2. Wood 3. Diary
How was life lived at the Presidios?
There was military lifestyle and warefare with Indians
What happened when the Spanish started making a lot of money from farming tobacco, cotton and other crops?
The demand for labor increased and because of this, slaves from Africa began to be imported to do the hard work of farming.
What is an ARMADA?
A fleet of war ships
What is PROFIT?
The money left after everything has been paid for
What is compact?
An agreement
What is the Mayflower Compact?
The agreement to make laws of the colony and to obey those laws
What is an interpreter?
Someone who translates a language