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aiding the enemy
What is the supreme law of the land? Whose responsibility is it to carry out laws and enforce law of the land?
Constitution = Law of the Land
Judicial Branch = enforce laws and Constitution
simple majority vote
one more than half
Original Jurisdiction
The legal authority of a court to be the first to hear a case
bill of rights
list of rights that cannot be taken away from ppl by the gov'nt
how did Ben Franklin feel abt the Constitution?
did not agree w/ evrything, but was unable to make better. Believed that national gov'nt was necessary.
Why did the framers want the judicial branch to be free of political influence?
Wanted Judicial branch to be independent of politics so the could use their best judgement and not be influenced by anyone.
supremacy clause
Clause in Constitution- laws passed/treaties are the nations highest laws and must be obeyed by states
The House of Reps. can accuse the President of serious crimes, Senate puts on trial, and Pres. can be removed from office
How was the Framers view of the executive branch affected by their experiences?
They remembered what had happened with the king of england and the royal gov'nrs. They had violated their rights so they had to create an exec. branch that could fulfill its responsibilities, but not be too powerful
appellate jurisdiction
a judicial body that hears appeals from a lower court
Electoral College
Electors chosen by each state who cast the official votes for Pres. after election