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lay investiture
the feudal ceremony of investiture performed by a person who is not a member of the clergy
an association of people who work at the same occupation
a division in a church or religious group
Age of Faith
(1000 to 1300) hundreds of cathedrals built, church leaders exerted enormous political and economic influence in Europe, time of increasing material prosperity, growth of civilization
a contribution to the church of one tenth of a family's yearly income of produce
group of nomads who migrated into eastern Europe from Asia; at war with Byzantines for possession of Balkan peninsula + land around Black Sea
canon law
the law of the Roman Catholic Church
a person who recieves land from a lord and pledges military service in return
in the Middle Ages, a written list of special privilages tax exemptions, and rights granted to a town
a military expedition to recover Jerusalem and the Holy Land from the Muslim Turks
most power king of western Europe; he delt as an equal with Byzantine Empire
Bishop of Constantinople
a political and military system based on the holding of land, with an emphasis on local protection, local government, and local self-sufficiency
to cut off from the Church
an order from the pope prohibiting Church ceremonies in the lands of a ruler who is disobedient to the pope
John Wycliffe
Englishman + famous thinker that responded to the Church crisis
emperor of Byzantine empire from 527 to 565; tried to reconquer Roman lands; ordered a team of scholars to compile + simplify the laws; undertook a massive building program in Constantinople
Hundred Years War
France vs. England; started 10 years before Black Death outbreak; feudal warfar-during new weapons
the piece of land given to a vassal by a lord
Urban II
claimed to be leader of all Christendom; hoped to reunite Byzantine and Roman Christians
a group of people who occupy a definite territory and are united under one government
businessman + religious, meditated outside Mecca + thoguth he was a prophet because he had visions of Allah, monotheist
missi dominici
Royal agents of Charlemagne, who checked on the ruling counts
was truly a national essembly; members put their loyalty ahead of local ties
Black Death
plague that killed 25 million people + doctors couldn't help
the buying and selling of church offices
Magna Carta
variety of promises->to respect th right and privileges of the city of London, promised merchants the right to travel freely in + out of England, + granted basic legal rights to both in England and the United States
nomadic people form central Asia
a small estate from which a lord's family gained its livelihood