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Where was the site of the greatest victory of war?
New Orleans
The __________________ starts the impeachment process.
House of Representatives
Thomas Jefferson wanted to cut the _________________.
Federal Budget
How did the Embargo Act hurt Americans?
-not be able to trade with other countries hurt Store owners, farmers,and workers because their was less demand for food and mechandise. Many people lost their jobs and businesses failed. People that owed money went to prison.
Who was Thomas Jefferson's Secretary of State?
James Madison
What was not acheived by the treaty of Ghent?
Little was acheived by the treaty of Ghent. The Treaty did not deal with the rights of American Sailors and neither side gained land.
Albert Gallatin convinced Jefferson to keep the _________.
Bank of the United States
The American warship Chesapeake was damaged by the
Who wrote the National Anthem?
Francis Scott Key
What was the land called that was from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains?
Louisiana Territory
Who was a "midnight judge"?
William Marbury
Judicial Reveiw concerns a power of the
Supreme Court
Under Jefferson, the federal government made money by selling western lands and through tariffs (taxes) on ______.
The war against the Barbary Piratesdemonstrated that the United States needed a
"We have met the enemy and they are ours" was said by
Oliver Hazard Perry
Who was a French Dictator?
Napoleon Bonaparte
What was the name of a French Colony?
Saint Domingue
The Lewis and Clark Expedition started from what city?
St. Louis
What was the name of the Treaty that settled the war of 1812?
Treaty of Ghent
What act increased the number of Federal judges?
Judiciary Act
Who was the 3rd president of the United States?
Thomas Jefferson
Who led a raiding party into the Tripoli Harbor?
Stephen Decatur