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New England Colonies
English colonies which became the states of Connecticut Rhode Island Massachusettes,Vermont New Hampshire and Maine
a native american leader
King Philip's war
war beginning in 1675 between english colonists and native americans
religious tolerence
idea that people of different religions should live in peace together
Pequot War
war between English settlers and Pequot Indians in 1637
salem witch trials
the prosecution and execution of 20 women and men for witchcraft in Massachusettes in 1692
one of the group of english seperists who etsablished plymouth colony in 1620
Great Migration
migration of english settlers to massachusettes bay colony beginning in the 1630's
Mayflower Compact
Agreement in which settlers of Plymouth Colony agreed to obey their gov. laws
a person who favored the purification of England's Angelic Church
to oppress someone because of his or her beliefs