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the ruling commitee of the Comunist party in the USSR.
an organization dedicated to the establishment of an independent state for Palestinians in the Middle east.
A new soviet policy of openness to the free flow of ideas announced to the Soviet leader in 1985.
A historic Arab-Iisraeli agreement =, in which Egypt recognized Israel as a legitiment state and Israel agreed to return the Sinai Penninsula to Egypt.
Camp David Accords
Restructing of the Soviet economy, introduced by the Soviet leader in 1985.
A brief 1967 conflict between Israel and several Arab states, during which Israel took control of severel new territories.
Six Day War
A polish labor union that during the 1980's became the main force of opposition to communist rule in Poland.
A tense international situation created when Israel with the support of Britain and France,invaded Egypt; but then withdrew under pressure from the US and USSR.
Suez Crisis
A loose federation of former of former Soviet republics that was formed after the breakup of the Soviet Union.
A huge public space in Beijing China where students protested in 1989.