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Consititutional Monarchy
A king or queen whose powers are limited and defined under a constitution. Canada is a constitutional.
In Canada the Cabinet is the executive part of the government. It is made up of the Prime Minster and Minster appointed by him/her to look after different department or ministries.
Prime Minster
The leader of the national government in Ottawa. He/she has the power to appoint members of the Cabinet, Senate, Supreme Court Judges, and senior civil servants
Party Leardership Covention
A convention(meeting)of the members of a political party to elect a leader for the party.
House of Commons
The elected part of our goverment. All members of parliament are elected from different areas of the country. They represent their constituency in the House of Commons.
The appointed part of our government. Senators represent regions of the country. They sever until the age 75 when they must retire.
Governor General
Represents the Monarch in Canada. Largely a figure head position. The Governor General reads the Throne Speech and must sign bills in order to make them laws.
Throne Speech
Speech read by the Governor General in Ottawa or the Lieutenant Governor in a province to begin a new session. Generally occurs about once a year
The moderator in the House of Commons. The speaker must keep order and chair the meetings of the House. He/she is an elected member of parliament who is then elected by all the members to the position of Speaker