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A _____ is an area where water is stored.
How do resevoirs help poeple during dry years?
By providing water to farms and cities.
Who are water users in the Colorado River Basin?
-Families(wash clothes,drink,shower, and flush toilets)
-farmers and ranchers
What is a habitat?
The place where an animal lives in nature.
What is conservation?
The careful use of a resource.
_____ is water that has been used.
How many people live in the Colorado River Basin?
25 million.
How have dams on the Colorado River hurt wildlife?
Destroying habitats.
What happens as more people move to the Colorado Basin?
Water shortages may become a problem.
Why is the Colorado River reddish-brown in color?
Each tribatary adds water and soil called silt to the river.
Rivers that join other rivers are called _____.
Who were the first settlers in the Colorado River Basin?
Native American Farmers
Hw did the Colorado River get its name?
Its reddish color.