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Second] Great Awankening
the 2nd renewal of religious faith during the time of 1790's and early 1800's which led to some campains such as the temperance movement.
Temperance Movement
Led by churches...Was a campain to make illeagal the selling and drinking of alcohol. Made mostly by women and idusty owners. Maine banned liquor for a short time and 13 other states had simlilar ones. Even tho it is not banned today laws state u have to be a certain age to do it.
Horace Mann
1837 Mass.....Head of first board of education which thought public schools should be built. ...after first public school was built many followed.
Dorthea Dix
1841 reformer from boston who one day while teaching at a women jail discover women who were locked in cold cells and beaten ssimply b/c they were mentally ill.Learned they recieved no treatment. Efforts led to building of 32 new hospitals
How did the 2nd great awakening influence the reform movements?
after the renewla of faith .Churches <that had alot more people> led revolts that for example outlawed alcohol and they started caring for A.A and Mentaly ill or children criminals.
How did labor unions try to force buisness owneres to improve working conditions?
Men and women banned together to form labor unions that dempanded better working conditions. Many went on strike that led to Pznic of 1837.
what were women's contributions to the reform movement?
Many women led temperence movement... 1500 women went on strike... Dorthea Dix and many other faought for mentally ill and women in jail...Also createdd ladies magazine.
movement to end slavey in late 1700's
fredrick Douglas
abolitionist speaker who spoke from own experience of slavery...Moved many
Sojourner Truth
also abolitonist speaker who faught for womens rights.
Underground Railroad
aboveground serioses of escape routesfrom the north tot the south. Traveled on foot wagons boats and trains.
harriot tubman
famous conductor of underground railroad risked her life to free others
Elizabeth Cady
were rejected at world anti slavery convention b/c they were women...later held Seneca falls convention for womens rigths.
Seneca falls convention
new york july 19 and 20 1848 convention that attracted 100-300 women and men that faught for womens rights.
right to vote
Why were freedom of speach and freedom of the press important to abolistionist movement?
they thought things that were in the declaration of independence should include everyone .including slaves. they thought blacks and women should have rights and be able to talk like free white men.
What were frederick douglas contributions to the abolitionist movement?
he was a powerful speaker who talked about freedom of A.A
What were elizabeth Stanton contributons to the women rigths movement?
she held the senecaa womens convention which talked about women rights.
Who started first american school for deaf and for blind
Thomas H Gallaudet - deaf
Samuel G Howe- perkins school for blind