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Who was the last monarch of Russia?
Nicholas II
What was a Russian workers' and soliders' council called?
Who was Alexander Kerensky?
the leader of the Provisional Government
What slogan did Lenin use to get people's support?
"peace, land, bread"
What group assasinated the czar and his family?
Who was the "Holy" man and healer who was the power behind the czarina when the czar went to the front?
What was the mixed group who opposed communism? (czarists, foreigners, parliamentary republicans...)?
Give 3 things that Lenin did after the Revolution in Russia
1. Give land to the peasants
2. End participation in the war
3. Assume control of industry
Who did Stalin defeat in a power struggle?
A group of revolutionaries who believed in a fast, immediate revolution in Russia was named...
State 3 ways in which Stalin's rule was good
1. Unemployment virtually disappeared
2. Russia industrialized
3. Created subsidized housing
State 3 ways Stalin's rule was unsuccessful
1. Shortage of housing/wages fell--> unhappy people
2. People not psychologically ready for the change
3. People were scared-->mostly of the government
Who signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk?
Who ordered the Great Purge?
Who was reponsible for collectivization?
Who established the Duma?
Who replaced War Communism with the New Economic Policy?
Who abdicated when he lost the support of the army?
Who continued to export food during a major famine?
Who was exiled from Russia for radical actions?
Who was a well-meaning man, who was uninformed and ineffective ruler?
Who were the Mensheviks?
group of Marxist followers; felt that Russia was not yet ready for a Revolution

Bolsheviks ended up taking power and the country went into Revolution
Who put the 5 year plan into effect?
What was the basis of the 5 Year Plan?
The 5 Year Plan was Stalin's plan for industrialization
In Stalin's plans did he set quotes? If so, on what? Were the quotes unrealistic?
Stalin set quotes on things such as coal and iron. The quotes were unrealistic
Why did Stalin think that Russia could industrialize in such a shor time?
He thought that since the people had a goal to reach then they would strive to reach it.
Define totalitarianism?
When a government has full control over peoples' day to day lives, where they live what they did for for a living. Russia was totalitarian.
How did the Russian people feel about Totalitarianism?
Unhappy because they had no rights and nothing that they could call their own.