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what is federalism?
System established by the us constition of dividing powers between the state and antional government
What are delegated Powers?
All powers not delegated to the national government or specially denied to the states are reserved.
what are reserved powers
Reserved powers are the powers held by the states.
What are checks and balances?
Checks and Balance are the Systems where each branch of an organization can limit the powers of the other branches
what is the bill or rights?
a summmary of fundamental rights and privileges gurantedd to a people againsst violation by the state
How old is the bill of rights
216yrs old
What is the Albany Plan of Union?
Purposal from Benjamin Franklin to permanetly unite all the colonies and put them all under one government
Albany plan- little suporrt, name 2-3 incidents that changed peoples minds?
Stamp Act (1765)
American revolution
Intolerable Acts (1773)
Townsend Acts (1767)
Define Articles of confederation?
America's first national costitution, drafted in 1777, which stressed the independence of the seperate states
Define Confederation Congress
Single national governing body created by the Articles of Confederation
Explain how confederation congress operated?
Each of the 13 states had one vote in congress and was supposed to contrubute money for national defense and other expenses.
Explain constituational convection?
Delegates and Washington could come together at the pennsylvania State house and write Constitution of the U.S
Define Great compromise?
Settles the dispute between large states and small states, in terms of representing in Congress population would be the way to determine representtaion in the Legislature's lower house; each state would also have an equal vote in the legislatures upper house
How are states and people protected against abuses of government?
Bill of rights
Seperation of Powers/checks and balances
Separation of Powers
each branch of government has it's own duties and powers
legislative makes laws
Executive make laws
Executive enforces/executes/the laws
Judicial interprets laws/ decides wether a case is constitutional or unconstitutional
Define Preamble
explains the goals of the new government under the constitution