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What 3 things did the invention of the sewing machine do?
1. revolutionized the making of clothing. 2 Increased demand for cotton & woolen cloth 3. Shifted manufacrure of clothes from home to factory
What did congress do to prevent destruction of the nation's infant idustries.
In 1816 Congress passed America's first protective tariff.
What did Congress do in 1816?
Chartered the second Bank of the United States.
In 1798 Whiteny conceived the idea of what do manufacture muskets?
IDea of interchangeable parts
How did interchangeable parts help the musket industry?
They could be produced quickly and cheaply, defective or broken parts could be replaced easily.
What effect did interchangeable parts have on the industry as a whole?
Other people like John Hall set up interchangeble part opeations. It changeed the American Industry and later spread thoughout the world.
Because of factory and inventions rapid growth of cities was widespread. What problems did this cause? 7
Housing, control of diseases, food and water supply, garbage disposal, police and fire protection, transportaiton, recreation and education.
Name 3 things about Early Factories and working conditions?
1. workweek 12 to 14 hours a day 6 days a week. 2. child labor common. 3 Unsatisfactory conditions gaive rise to labor unions
What was the fuel used during the colonial period?
What was charcoal replaced by.
Bituminous (soft)coal
With the discovery of deposits of iron ore and coal in western Pennsylvania, what happened?
Pittsburgh became the country's iron and steel center.
Why was the demand for iron and steel great?
These metals were needed for machinery,stoves, farm implements and rails.
Metal plows replaced what?
Cradle and Reaper replaced what?
thresher was substituted for what?
Wooden Plows
Developed the reaper?
Cyrus McCOrmick
What did the reaper do?
made possible the harveting of grain quickly, cheaply, and efficietnly
Built the first steel plow.
john deere. This helped speed the settlement of the prarie.
What are turnpikes?
Hard surface roads, built of macadam, stones, earth or planks. Tolls for charged for their use - built for profit.
What are two facts about the turnpike?
1st improvement made in land transportation after Revolutionary war 2. Construction begain in 1794 with completion of Philadelphis-Lancaster Turnpike in PA
To transport freight by land,what was developed?
Conestoga Wagon or covered wagon.
Describe the covered wagon.
Convas-covered wehicle large and sturdy, had a hight body and broad rimmed wheels.
What else was the covered wagon used for?
It was used by settlers to carry their families and possessions to new homes in the West.
What were stagecoaches used for?
Chief means of carrying passengers and mail overland.
Who does the 1st commercially successful steamboat credit go to?
Robert fulton
What boat steamed up the Hudson River from New York to Albany
1807 his Clermont.
What was the 1st steamboat to sailwester waters?
New Orleans built at Pittsburgh in 1811.
how many boats were in service by 1820 on the Mississippi River?
What did the steamboat do to travel time and transporatation cost?
Travel time cut by 2/3 and Cost reduced by 1/2.
What did packets do>
These sailboats were built to carry passengers, mail, cargo in 1818 and put into transatlantic service.
What was the clipper ship?
buil in 1940 - sailboat capable of outdistancing anything afloat.
What are 2 famous clipper ships and whod designed them.
Flying Cloud
Great Repulic
designed by Donal McKay