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Karl Marx
Socialism, communism, The Communist Manifesto, classless society, wealth and prosperity owned by community as a whole
Robert Owen
Socialism, refuses to use child labor, campaigns for laws against child labor, treat employees well and run profitable business
Charles Townshend
encouraged farmers to grow turnips to restore bad soil
Robert Fulton
uses steam engine to power the "Clermont"
George Stephenson
Steam-Powered Locomotives
Richard Arkwright
Water Frame
used water power to speed up spinning
David Ricardo
Laissez-Faire, "iron law of wages", no gov't help for poor, improve conditions by thrift, hard work, and limiting size of family
James Hargreaves
Spinning Jenny
spun many threads at the same time
taking over and fencing in land for pastures
Rioters who fought against the machines that cost them jobs
wealth to invest in business
Adam Smith
Lassiez Faire economics (Leave it alone)
free market: produce more goods at lower prices
Thomas Malthus
Laissez -Faire, population will outpace the food supply
urged people to have fewer children
people as a whole rather than individuals own all property and operate businesses, develop a world for the benefit of all
the goal of society should be to bring about the greatest happiness for the greates number of people
working class, the "have-nots" under communism
A new religious movement of the mid-1700s
A movement of people to cities
James Watt
Steam power
Father of the Industrial Revolution
Jethro Tull
seed drill
deposited seeds in a row
privately built roads that charged money to people who traveled on it
Karl Marx, class struggle in which wealth and property is owned by community as a whole
John Wesley
Founded the Methodist Church
John Stuart Mill
Utilitarian, gov't should step in to improve lives of working class, give vote to workers and women, reforms in child labor, public health
Jeremy Bentham
Utilitarian, greatest happiness for greatest number of people,
places that brought together workers and machines to produce large amounts of goods