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When did Muhammad die?
Muhammad died in 632.
What is Islam?
Islam is the religion based on the teachings of the prophet Muhammad.
What happened between the years of 527-565?
Justinian ruled the Roman Empire.
Who was Allah?
Allah was the god that the Muslims worshiped.
What happened in 520?
The Guptas invented a decimal system in India.
What is a Ka'bah?
A Ka'bah is a cube-shaped shrine known for worshiping and a reminder of Allah's firm belief in one god.
What happened in 610-641?
Heracles ruled the Byzantine Empire.
Where is Arabia?
Arabia is located north of the Indian Ocean.
What happened in 627?
The Byzantine Empire deafeted Persia.
Who was Abu Bakr?
Abu Bakr (573-634) was the first caliph after the death of Muhammad.
What is a minaret?
A minaret is a tall slender tower of mosque from which muezzin in the call to faith to prayer.
What year did Muawiya become a caliph?
Muawiya became a caliph in 661.
What happened in 476?
In 476, the Western Roman Empire ends.
What are the five Pillars of Islam?
The five Pillars are:
Faith, Almsgiving, prayer, fasting, and pigrimage.
When was Muhammad born?
He was born in 570.