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Anonymity is guaranteed in a research project when neither the researchers nor the readers of the findings can identify a given response with a given respondent.
A research project guarantees confidentiality when the researcher can identify a given person’s responses but promises not to do so publicly.
Interviewing subjects to learn about their experience of participation in the project and to inform them of any unrevealed purpose.
informed consent
A norm in which subjects base their voluntary participation in research projects on a full understanding of the possible risks involved.
cohort study
A study in which some specific subpopulation, or cohort, is studied over time, although data may be collected from different members in each set of observations.
An empirical relationship between two variables such that changes in one are associated with changes in the other.
cross-sectional study
A study based on observations representing a single point in time.
ecological fallacy
Erroneously basing conclusions about individuals solely on the observation of groups.
longitudinal study
A study design involving data collected at different points in time, as contrasted with a cross-sectional study.
panel study
A type of longitudinal study, in which data are collected from the same set of people (the sample or panel) at several points in time.
A fault of some researchers: a strict limitation (reduction) of the kinds of concepts to be considered relevant to the phenomenon under study.
social artifact
Any product of social beings or their behavior. Can be a unit of analysis.
spurious relationship
A coincidental statistical correlation between two variables, shown to be caused by some third variable.
trend study
A type of longitudinal study in which a given characteristic of some population is monitored over time.
units of analysis
The what or whom being studied. In social science research, the most typical units of analysis are individual people.