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passionate love
state of intense longing for union with another
characteristics of passionate lovers?
absorbed in each other, feel ecstatic at attaining their partner's love, and are disconsolate on losing it
two-factor theory of emotion
arousal x its label = emotion
companionate love
affection we feel for those with whom our lives are deeply intertwined
secure attachment
attachments rooted in trust and marked by intimacy
secure people have what?
positive image of both self and others
preoccupied attachment have what characteristics?
positive expectations of others but sense of their own unworthiness
Negative views of others exhibit
Dismissing or fearful attachment style
dismissive attachment
avoidant relationship style marked by distrust of others
fearful attachment
avoidant relationship style marked by fear of rejection
condition in which outcomes people receive from a relationship are proportional to what they contribute to it
Are equitable outcomes always equal outcomes?
revealing intimate aspects of oneself to others
disclosure reciprocity
tendency for one person's intimacy to self-disclosure to match that of a conversational partner