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Prosocial genes will exist when...<REMEMBER: This theory argues that we wouldn't help strangers!>
[c < b * r]

c = furture reproductive costs to the alturist
b = future reproductive benefits to the recipient
r = degree of relatedness
When do we help? <REMEMBER: There are 5 different situations!>
1. Notice Event
2. Interpret Event as an Emergency
3. Assume Responsibility for Helping
4. Know how to help
5. Engage in Helping
What helps fight rejection and is also used to promote alturism?
What are the reasons linked between media and aggression? <REMEMBER: There are 5!>
1. Weakens inhabitions against violence
2. Provides instrumental suggestions for violence
3. Primes aggression
4. Desensitizies
5. Distorts perceptions of "dangerous world"
Who's under the most stress? <REMEMBER: THE MONKEY VIDEO!>
Dominant, not subordinate, monkeys are the most stressed. More likely to develop heart problems and high blood pressure.
Reducing aggression...
1. Punishment? <MUST be swift and certain>
2. As a Catharsis? <Does NOT work; may arouse you more>
3. Emotional Expression
4. Apologizing
5. Modeling Non-Aggression
6. Problem-Solving Skills/Communicating Training
7. Building Empathy
ABCs of "intergroup bias"...<REMEMBER: A = Affective, B = Belief, and C = Cognitive!>
1. Prejudice = Affective
2. Discrimination = Behavior
3. Stereotype = Cognition
Origins of Aversive Racism <REMEMBER: This is racism that is so deeply engrained we might not be concious to it!>
1. Egalitarian Value System
2. Historically Racist Culture
3. Social Cognitive Mechanisms
Devine's Dissociation Model
Stereotypes are automatically activated, but prejudice can be controlled with motivation and resources
When do we rely on stereotypes?
1. When our cognitive resources are low
2. When our ability to process information is low
Why does wise-schooling work?
1. Promotes malleable beliefs about intelligence
2. Reduces perceptions of bias
3. Promotes trust and belongingness
Six conditions are necessary for intergroup contact to actually reduce prejudeice...
1. Mutual Interdependence
2. A Common Goal
3. Equal Status of Group Members
4. Informal Interpersonal Contact
5. Multiple Contacts with Several Members of the Outgroup
6. Social Norms that Promote Equality