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Social psychology
Study of how groups and cultures shape our perceptions, attitudes and behavior
Implicit or explicit rules that apply to all members of the group and govern acceptable behavior and attitudes
Social Loafing
Group members assume the role of slacker
When in large groups, people may lose self-awareness
Social facilitation
Refers to tendency to perform well-learned tasks better in front of others
Social Impairment
Performing a task not as well in front of people as opposed to when alone
Group polarization
When in a group of like-minded people, the group will make more extreme decisions than by an individual
People self-censor beliefs to preserve harmony in a group
Minority Influence
When the influence of one person effects the ideas of the majority
Diffusion Personality
When people in a large group feel less responsible for what is taking place
Unselfish concern of one individual for the welfare of another
Social Cognition
Refers to the way people gather, use, and interpret info about the social aspects of the world around them
Theory to understand the casual factors of our behavior and that of others
Dispositional Attributions
Hold an individual responsible for their behavior
Situational Attributions
Look at factors in the environment to explain why someone acted the way that they did
Self-Serving Bias
People attribute our achievements and successes to personal stable causes and our failures to situational factors
Fundamental Attribution Error
Tendency to underestimate the impact of situational factors and over estimate the impact of personal factors when assessing why a person acted a certain way
Actor-Observer Bias
Tendency to attribute our own behavior to situational causes and the behavior of others to personal causes
Just-world Phenomenon
Belief that people get what they deserve
Self-fulfilling prophecy
Tendency to let our preconceived expectations of others influence how we treat them and bring about the behavior we expected
Unjustified negative attitude an individual has for another based on ethnicity
When prejudiced attitudes result in unjustified behavior towards members of that group
Mental schemas society attributes uncritically to different groups
Scapegoat theory
When our self worth is in doubt we find others to blame
Belief that own culture is superior to others
Contact Theory
Proposed that equal status contact between antagonistic groups should lower tension and increase harmony
Superordinate Goal
Emergency situation that required joint cooperation of both groups to solve
Jigsaw Classroom
Diverse groups of students learn a section of a lesson and must work with other students to learn entire lesson
Mere Exposure Effect
The more we come into contact with a person, the more likely we are to like them; also we are more likely to adopt their ideas
Tendency to comply with a large request if already complied with a smaller request
Technique used by people soliciting for donations
Learned predisposition to respond to something in positive or negative way
Elaboration likelihood model
Attitude change
Central route of Persuasion
Speaker uses facts, figures and info to support idea
Peripheral Route
Superficial info is used to distract audience to make them favor something
Cognitive Dissonance
Tension that results from holding conflicting beliefs/attitudes/opinions
An act of delivering an aversive stimulus to an unwilling victim
Instrumental Aggression
Purpose/Satisfaction for aggression (mom at Christmas)
Hostile Aggression
Feeling of anger/pain