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Basic Research
research designed to increase knowledge about social behavior
Applied Research
research designed to increase the understanding of and solutions to real-world problems by using current social psychological knowledge.
Scientific Method
a set of procedures used to gather, analyze, and interpret info in a way that reduces error and leads to dependable generalizations.
an organized system of ideas that seeks to explain why two or more events are related
specific propositions or expectations about the nature of things derived from a theory
in scientific research, things that can be measured and that can vary
Operational Definition
a scientists precise description of how a variable has been quantified so that it can be measured
Institutional Review Boards
a panel of scientists and nonscientists who ensure the protection and welfare of research participants by formally reviewing researchers methodologies and procedures prior to data collection.
a group of people who are selected to participate in a research study
all members of an identifiable group from which a sample is drawn