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risky behavior 4 transmition of aids?
-anal sex
-sharing needles
-using drugs
types of abortifacients?
the pill
morning after pill
arguments against gay marriage?
-force churches 2 marry gay couples
-marriage is a heterosexual tradition
-gay relationships are immoral
arguments against lealizing prostitution?
-gift 2 pimps
-promotes sex trafficking
-expands sex industry
-increases illegal and street prostitution
-increases child prostitution
ave cost of a prostitution arrest?
arguments 4 legalizing prostitution?
-decrease # of teens who r unwittingly frced into prostitution if monitored and taxed by gov
-less violent acts committed upon them by pimps
-decrease spread of TB and hepatitis
-policing costs
-court costs
states that prohibit gay couples from adopting?
florida, utah,mississippi, michigan
state of complete physical,mental, social well-being
mental illness?
change in thinking,mood, or behavior that causes distress and reduces a prsns ability 2 function in everyday life
talk therapy
infant mortality rate?
the number of babies that die in their first yrs of life per thousand live births
gender bias that occur in the medical field?
men are doctors
women nurses
"heath maintenance organization" private insurance organizations that provide medical care for a fixed price
different methods used 2 stop transmission of aids?
condoms, prevention programs abstinance
why nursing shortage?
long hrs
lack of respect
required over time
how many ppl are ill b/c they're poor?
1 billion
reason medical care is so expensive?
spread of private insurance
doctors specialize
high technology
lack of preventive care
more lawsuits