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Social Charter
1989: 12 categories of fundamental social rights
Problems with social charter
no binding legal force;
not much popular appeal;
high unemployment threaten support for SEA;
required unanimity
Who opposed social policy?
What reformed the Social Charter?
Social Protocol, 1991: extention of QMV, revised policy objectives, unanimous for social security, end employment, 3rd country worker protection
what was the impact of the Amsterdam Treaty?
added several new Community objectives:
equality of men and women
equal opportunities
combat descrimination
What was the SOcial Policy Agenda?
Nice 2001
What is the Lisbon Strategy?
3 pillars:
what is the New Social Agenda's priorities?
fighting poverty/promoting equal opportunities
how will they acieve new social agenda?
PARTNERSHIPS: between public authorities at local, regional and national level, employer and worker representatives, and NGO's
What are the three characteristics of the multi-tiered system of Social policy?
shift toward join decision traps and policy immobilism
Prominent role of courts in policy development
close relation to market-making processes
what are the pressures of integration on social policy?
"positive" initiatives to develop uniform social standards at EU level
"negative" policy reform via market compatibility requirements