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summit meeting
confrence meeting between the highest- ranking officials of different nations
free market
individuals decide what to produce and sell
marshall law
emergency military rule
domino theory
if one country were to fall, the others would follow
George Marshall
was President Truman's secretary of state
Ronald Ragan
was a president that gave ade to communists in Latin America
Cuban misslt crisis
when Krushchev agreed to take the missles out of cuba and in turn, Kennedy promised not to invade the island.
Lyndon Johnson
increased aid to south vietnam and sent troops to Vietnam.
Who did soviet invade in 1980?
Senator Joseph McCarthy
created the fear of supersticion in the government
How did we overcome the Blockade of Berlin
by the Berlin airlift
On July 4th 1946, The US granted independence to who?
the Phillipines
What did President Ragan and Gorbachev decide to do?
they decited to destroy some nuclear weapons
Why did the American trppos have troble winning the war?
because of gurliias
Where did the cold war begin to have tensions
why did president truman use the soviet expansion?
to contain communists
Satellite nations
(russia had them) was a nation that is dominater politically and ecominically by a more poverful ntion
Boris Yeltsin
used weapons to stop hard- core communists
Richord Nioxn
went to china to ease tensions and opend relations
a policy of speaking out honestly and openly
what was the first indication of a cold war?
Truman Doctrine
helped contain commnism
How did the Cold War start?
when North Korea invaded Souh Korea
supported American involvement
against american involvement
Where did communist governmemts start to fall?
Eastern Europe
What was the alliance for the non-communist?
where did fighting in Vietnam spill over to?
Where did Mount St. Zetong take over?
the contras were fighting to overthrow the governmnt of?
In 1959, what did Fidel Catastro do?
he took over cuba and made it communist