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Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Transcendentalist movement the first literary contribution made by an American.
Seneca Falls
-organized by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott
-declared men and women were all equal
Dorothea Dix
-leader of a womens rights
-called for better treatment of the insane
Early Unions
Unions were origianlly small bands of skilled workers. In 1837 the unions of six cities joined the National Trades Union. Workingmen's parties were established to help legalize the unions and recognize their demands. The trade unions fell after the Panic of 1937 b/c of the Democratic party.
The Hartford Convention was when some people from the North talked about seceding from The Union. This was caused by the war of 1812. The Federalists then used the anti-war fuel to try to topple the Republican political power.
The American System
-proposed by Henry Clay
-it proposed a heavy protective tariff
-a rechartered national bank
-and the national financing of transportation systems
Missouri Compromise
-Slavery was prohibited north of the 36,30
-Missouri though North of the line was a slave state
-Maine entered as a Free state
-Also said states would be admitted in pairs
John Quincy Adams
-Rush-Bagot Treaty with Britain to dimilitarize the Great Lakes and Canada
-He set the 49th parallel for the border between Canada and USA
Adams-Onis treaty
Was made when Spanish decided to cede Florida to America b/c of Jackson's attack on the Seminoles
Monroe Doctrine
-Said Europe could not colonize anymore
-It couldn't be really enforced, w/o Britains navy
-no European interference with trade
Second Great Awakening
-Camp meetings
-Asbury began circuit riding
-there were many missionaries
-Women got an elevated role in society thanks to the new view of them as being pure
Oneida Community
-led by John Humphrey Noyes
-it was a Perfectionist religion
-They practice complex marriage which gave them a lot of grief from others
-they had a successful small business
Brook Farm
-Emerson and Hawthorne were both farmers
-The community succumbed to debt
-William Lloyd Garrison wrote the Liberator.
-he didn't want to give owners any compensation
-The AMerican Anti-slavery Society split b/c of the inclusion of women
-Many blacks also were major leaders in the abolitionist movement
Urban settings
Generated more outwork where women got paid for piece work.