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What are the rules to create a time expressoin out of a verb, such as "I summered at Harvard."?
You must be somewhere for the period of time X; thus, you cannot make verbs out of specific times, such as "midnighted"
What is phonetics?
The articulation and perception of speech sounds
What is phonology?
The patterning of speech sounds
What is morphology?
Word formation
What is syntax?
Sentence formation
What are semantics?
The interpretation of words and sentences
Is there such thing as a primitive language?
Is linguistics descriptive or prescriptive?
What are three similarities among languages?
1. More consonants than vowels
2. Any language that has an f sound also has an s sound
3. All have a vowel that sounds like the 'ah' in father
Prior to 1200, how did English form negative constructions?
By placing "ne" before the verb and a variant of "not" after it.
By 1400, how did English form negative constructions?
"ne" was infrequently used and "not" typically occurred by itself after the verb
What is creativity in language?
The presence of systematic constraints in a language that establish boundaries within which innovation can occur
What would prescriptive grammar do?
To change a language to defined rules
Is language unique to humans?
What is the difference between phonetics and phonology?
Phonetics is the articulation and perception of speech sounds, whereas phonology is the patterning of speech sounds
Do all languages have grammar?