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Legal Document giving certain rights to a person or company.
Representitive to the Colonial Assembly of Virginia.
Representitive government-
System of government in which voters elect Representitives to make laws.
Willingness to let others practice in their own beleifs
Cash Crop -
Surplus of crops sold for money on the world market
Back country -
area along the eastern slopes of the appalachin Mts
Slave code -
laws that controlled the behavior of slaves and denied them basic rights
Racisim -
Beleif that one race is superiour to another
Mercantilism -
economic theory that a nations strenght came from the gold supplies and expanding of trade
Import -
trade or good brought into a country
Export -
Trade or good sent to outside countrys
Triangular Trade -
Colonial trade between New England and the West Indies and Africa
Legislaure -
group of people with power to make laws for a country
Gentry -
Highest Social class in the 13 english colonies
Indentured Servant -
Person who signed a contract to work for a certain amount of time in exchange for passage to the new land
Apprentice -
A person who learns a job from antoher person for little to no pay.
Why were people being pushed out to go to the new land?
1. Econmic
2. Hunger
3. Homeless
4. Poverty
5. No opportunitys
Why were people being pulled to the new land?
Amazing abundance
Think Forests
Plentiful game
Flocks of birds
Waters chocked with fish
Rich soil
Religion wise, Why were people being pushed to new land.
Religous intolerance-If you don't agree with church your considered a "freak"
Religion wise, Why were people being pulled to the new land?
Religous freedom
New england Colonies
Compact villages harsh climate, hilly terrain, think rocky soil.
Econmy: Forest and sea, fur
Middle colonies
Varied lands scape and people.
Economy: Rich farmland, forests, furs, merchants, ship men, and trades peolpe.
Southern Colonies
Lives centered around agriculture
Economy: warm weathers crops - tobacco, rice, sugar cane , indigo and slaves
Who was the leader that saved the Jamestown settelment from failure?
John Smith
Who were the representatives to the colonial assembly of Virginia ?
What kind of government let voters elect representatives to make laws for them?
Representitive Government
What was the agreement signed by the pilgrims before going ashore?
May flower Compact
In ____ year 105 colonists settled in virgina and named their colony James town
The founding of _____ was the begininning of representative government in the English colonies.
The ______ came to North america in search of religious freedom.
What year was James town founded?
What year was plymoth founded?
In viginia what were males settleds allowed to elect?
These representatives and the Governor made laws for the colony at the?
House of Burgesses
In england their Repsentitiave assembly was called?
John winthrop and his followers were part of a religous group known oas the?
The puritans wanted to?
Reform the Church of England by doing away with the practices borrowed from Romand Cathlics
What colony did the puritans setup?
Massachucets bay colony
Who clamied Conneticut?
Tomas Hooker
Who claimed Road Island?
Roger Williams
Who believed in letting others practice their own beliefs? This idea was called?
Roger Williams
Why did fighting break out between white settlers and Native Americans in New England?
Taking over Native american Land.
Who were the Protestand reformers who settled in Pennsylvania?
What were the crops that are sold for money on world markets?
Cash Crops
What was the name for the middle colonies because they exported so much grain?
Bread Basket
What was the area of land along the eastern slopes of the Appalachian Mountains?
Back country
Who discovered Pennsylvania?
William Penn
In what year did the separatist land in the New World?
Name the first Settelment of Massachusetts bay.
What book was read daily in the New England Colonies?
Why did New England Colonies have small farms?
Becuase of thin rocky soil
What 2 things are the New England colonies founded upon?
God and Cod
What is the Oldest collage in the United States?
In _____ Jamestown became the ____ English settelment in the New World?
First Permanent
What was the first cash crop of Virginia?
What was also grown on the plan tations of the south?
Rice and Sugar Canes
What was the cheap labor of the Southern plantation system?
What was the first representative assembly in Virginia?
House of burgesses
What were the social centers of the Southern Colonies?
What country did All southern Colonies Come from?
Who was the English soldier and reformer who w founded Georgia in _____?
James Oglethorp
What is an area of low land washed by ocean tides?
Tide Water
What were the laws that controlled slaves behavior and denied them basic rights?
Slave codes
What was the belief that one race is uperior to another?
What was the voyage of slave ships from Africa to the Americas?
Middle Passage
What was the major products of Virginia, Maryland and parts of North Carolina?
Where did Southerners build larger plantations?
In the tide water
What groups in the colonies had almost no rights?
Africans, Indians, Women, White Servants
Why did the Great Awakening Incrase Religous Tolerance in the colonies?
1740-1750 Joined Churches people started and became more tolerant.