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Complete differences, unlikeness, variety
difference, inequality
Two or more countries relying on one another
2 or more
Developed Countries
countries with high personal incomes, education, and industrialization
Canada, USA etc
Developing Countries
nations that have been known as have nots and are trying to improve overall conditions
have nots
the demonstrated ability of women to bear children
have kids
Gross Domestic Product
total market value of all finished goods and services produced by anyone resident in the nation
wealth in country
Gross National Product (GNP)
total market value of all finished goods produced by citizens of a country operating at home or in a different country and sold anywhere in the world
all wealth in and outside the country
Infant Mortality Rate
the number of yearly deaths of children under one year of age per 1000 births
# of infants dying
the ablility to read and write
read & write
Demographic Transition Model
the 4 stages of developement
primitive, early expanding, late expanding, and zero pop growth.
the study of population trends
Mortality Rates
the yearly number of deaths per thousand of mid year population
# of deaths yearly
Quality of Life
degree of well being felt by a group or individuals
broader that standard of living
Standard of Living
the quantity of goods and services consumed by a person or -on avg- by a group
amount of goods
Third World
all other countries; relative lack of industrialization
Bilateral Aid
aid given from one country to another - usually tied
Multilateral Aid
aid given by various countries- ex to the UN
International Monetary Fund
World Health Organzation
Organization of Petroleum Countries
Subsistence Economy
an economy that just makes enough to support itself with now or little exports
Sustainable Developement
a level of developement which enables humans to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs
What is the term used to describe the number of births per 1000 women aged betweeen 15 and 45?
Fertility rate
what is the term used to describe the number of children, per 1000 births, who die in the first year?
infant mortality rate
why is it difficult to compare quality of life in one country with another?
they have different values, beliefs, cultures, religions, lifestyles, and living conditions
List five negative dev'ts that have been predicted for the future
- overpopulation
- pollution
- food distribution problems
- diseases
- warfare
List five positive dev'ts that have been predicted for the future
- improvement in food distribution
- world peace
- improved health care
- global awarness of the environment
- control of population
what term is used to define the attempt to combine global economic growth and continuing concern for the environment has produced a concept?
sustainable developement
In our modern world, what is wrong with the statement "That's their problem, let them clean up their own mess?"
everyone will say it and no one will clean it up. We share one global community and it will affect everyone. (Interdependence)
On what grounds should the First World countries be responsible for solving the problems to ensure a happy future for the whole world?
they have money, technology, resources and are educated
Whate are the two main types of losses caused by war?
- lives of people
- materials (resources)
What does the term doubling time mean in terms of pop. growth
the amount of time it takes for a nation to double its population
What can the doubing time of a certain country indicate to a researcher
what the growth rate is like; whether or not they will use up their resources and possibly if their economy will collapse
List and explain three problems caused by rapid pop. growth
low resources- more ppl more resources used
need help (aid)- cant meet the needs of the ppl
not enough food- not enought money or resources to provide food
how does drought or war in one country create pop. concerns in neighboring countries
the ppl flee to neighboring countries and increase their pop.
how does pop. growth strain the economy?
less jobs (higher unemployment)
cycle of poverty begins
how are pop. explosion and resource depletion interconnected?
pop increase- use of resources increase= decrease amount of resources
in terms of population density canada is _______ populated
according to Malthusian Theory, what are the three natural controls to population growth?
natural disasters