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The biological distinction between male and females.
Primayr Sex Characteristics
The genitals, organ used for reproduction.
Seconday Sex Characteristics
Bodily development, distinguishes biologically mature females and males.
Intersexual People
People whose bodies including genitals have both female and male characteristics.
An older term for intersexual people. Derived from Greek gods Hermes and Aphorodite.
People who think they are one sex, even though biologically they are the other.
Incest Taboo
A norm forbidding sexual relations or marriage between certain relatives.
Sexual Orientation
A person's romantic and emotional attraction to another person.
Sexual attraction to someone of the other sex.
Sexual attraction to someone of the same sex.
Sexual attraction to people of both sexes.
No sexual attraction to people of either sex.
Human Sexual Continum
Asexuality, Heterosexuality, Bisexuality, Homosexuality.
Discomfort with close personal interaction with people thought to be gay, lesbian or bisexual.
Sexually explicit material intended to cause sexual arousal.
The selling if sexual services.
Queer Theory
A growing obody of findings that challenges the heterosexual bias in US Society
A view that labels anyone who is not heterosexual as "queer"
The deliberate termination of pregnancy.
Sexual Revolution
Profound changes in sexual attitudes and practices. 1920's, 1960's.
Premarital Sex
Sexual intercourse before marriage.
Alfred Kinsey
Pioneering sex researcher, 1948-53 Set stage for sexual revolution. Treated sexual orientation as an either or trait.
XX and XY
xx is the female sex chromosome, xy is the male
Double Standard
Men are expected to be sexually active before marriage, but women are expected to be virgins.
Sexual Counter Revolution
1980 change from sexual freedom to sexual responsiblity.
Extramarital Sex
Having sex with someone other than the married partner
Same as extramarital sex, though
A voilent expression of power that uses sex to hurt, humiliate or control another perosn.
Date Rape
Forcible sexual violence against women by men they know, 70% of all rapes
Chasity Belt
A metal device locked about a woman's groin that prevented sexual intercourse.
Victimless Crime
Prostitution, a crime in shich there are not obvious victims, not consistently enforced.