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what is a prospectus?
a letter which supplies information regarding matriculation at the particular institution and the course offered.
What does matriculate mean
to satisfy the requirements of entry to a tertiary institution
what does the term capital intensive mean
any business that is highly mechanized and requires very few workers
who are equal opportunity employers?
government and private sector companieswho offer jobs to the impaired
what does the term labour intensive mean?
industries which employ a large number or workers
give 5 signs of stress at the work place
anxiety, tension, pressure, frustation and and nervousness
give three aspects of interpersonal relationships
trust, openess and anxiety
give 3 ways you can aquire information on the labour market
friends/relatives, advertisements carried through the printed and electronic media and career education sessions at your school
give another name for a resume
curriculun vitae
give another name for a covering letter
letter of application
give the first 2 steps in seeking a job
1, scan the labour market to find out where the jobs are
2. find out if u have all the qualifications needed for the job or if u need more
give the last two steps in seeking a job
3. identify other requirements such as a driver's licence, computer literacy and a specific height
4.sell yourself to the empoyer
give three things that are important when going to a job interview
being on time, using clear diction and making sure that your apperance is clean and neat
give three things that u may want to ask at a job interview
salary/fringe benefits, training prgrammes abd working hours/ conditions