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Name the "Tall Tree" Cabernet
Sequia Grove, Napa Valley
Name the 3 American Chardonnays from least to most oaky
1.Schaefer, Red Shoulder Ranch

2.Fransiscan, Cuvee Salvage- Carneros

3.Sonoma Cotrer, Russian River
Name the Barolo
Ceretto Zonchera
Name Both St. Julien Wines
Chateau Talbot

Chateau Ducru- Beaucaillou
Name ALL 6 American Pinot Noirs
1. Benton Lane-Oregon
2. St. Innocent- Willamette Valley, Oregon
4. Domaine Carneros- Napa, Cali
5. Fiddlehead Cellars Santa Rita, Cali
6. Rochioli, Russian River, Cali
Name ALL 4 Zinfandels
1. Frogs Leap- Napa, Cali

2. Seghesio- Old Vine, Sonoma

3. Turley- Paco Robles, Cali

4. Primitivo
Name 2 Wines from Carneros
1. Chard. Fransiscan "Cuvee Salvage" Carneros

2. Pinot Noir- Domaine Carneros
Name the region of white Bordeaux

Graville Lacoste
Name the "Organically Grown" plus the Grape
1. Grape- Voignier

2.Name- Bontera
Name the "Mountain Cuvee"
Gundlach Bundchu
Name 2 Champagnes from Epernay
1. Dom Perignon

2. Perrier Jout
Name the Domaine Serene Syrah