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contain communist within the soviet union
domino theory
when on country is communist neighboring countries will also become communist
iron curtain
divides eastern europe from western
berlin 1945
end of war with germany
they divide germany into eastern and western
berlin airlift
every 3 minutes a plane came/left with supplies for 4 years to berlin
soviet nuclear weapons 1949
soviet union has nucleaur bomb-americans now afraid
communist revolution in china
containment idea comes into picture
causes of McCarthyism
*espionage (Ethnel and Julius Rosendberg)

*Iron Curtain in eastern europe-tension

*Atomic weapon threat

*communist revolution in china-spread of communism

*begining of korean war

*hysteria in US- spread of communitsm and sympathizers
Downfall of McCarthyism
*beging with CBS Edward Murrow
-portrayed McCarthy as dishonest and abusive toward witnesses

-accusing people without credible evidence
-used it as a counterattack to anoyone who critized him
-he argued agains freedom of speech
Conspiracy: memphis group afraid of strike, black group hired to shoot and kill

By whom James Earl Ray

Why:trying to get equal rights for blacks

Effect: largest riot in history-leader of civil rights group gone
Malcom X
Conspiracy: US involvment, nation of islam

By who:talmadgehayer

Why: spoke out against nation of islam

Effect: controversy in black community
Conspiracy: Another Shooter

Why:supported civil rights,cold war-cuba

Effect-extremely well liked, disillusioned
Why-pro isreal view

Made public question, curse of kennedies

Conspricay: 2 shoots, bodygaurd
Results of vietnam war
*tropps move from shooting vietnamese to shooting americans
War Powers Act of 1973
congress must declare war
TET Offensive
attacks by vietcong against south vientnamese
*turning point in war, damgage of hope that US could win
Race for nuclear supperiority
united states entered a reace with soviet union to create H bomb

Americans won the race-victory laster only a year
Causes of the Korean War
*communism vs democracy
*dividing country-north and south-38th parallel
Bay of Pigs
castro succeeds in revolution, USA trains cuban exiles to start a revolution to get rid of castro
Results of bay of pigs
*it led castro to believe US was going to invade them so he got weapons from USSR
Causes of Cuban Missle Crisis
*bay of pigs
*soviets wanted to place missiles near US
results of Cuban Missle Crisis
Krusjefv made a deal with kennedy-middles out of turkey-in exhcange so that soviet union would pull its missles outa cuba
French Indochina War
Vietnam declared independece from Frane

USA helps france-$

French fight guerilla war-end up loosing
Signifance of fall of Dien Bien Phu
French and America split up korea-north and south

they hope to have election-but communism become popular
Causes of Gulf of Tonkin
noth vietnamese attacked americans
Results of Gulf of Tonkin
johnson was allowed to send in troops without declaring war-no longer allowed
decrease USA troops levels, but at same time increase south vietnamese responsibility
Nixon introduces Vietnamization
decrease troops in vietnam by 150,000

increase responsibility of s. Vientnamese
Bombing of Cambodia
bomb the heack out of them

protest at universites

speech infirates studetns who saw nixon as escalating the war he promised to end
Kent state
Army ROTC builing burnt down
soldiers present