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Define, distinguish and provide examples of; role
The behavioral expectations asociated with a particular status, A students role would be to study
Define, distinguish and provide examples of; status
Position that you are occupying at a given time. teacher, employee, citizen
Define, distinguish and provide examples of; master status
A status that becomes the only thing poeple notice.
prsident or meth addict
distinguish between role and status.
A role is the behavioral expectation connected to a certain status.
Define and distinguish role stain
when doing one role makes it hard to do another role like paranting (role)and diciplining(role)
Define and distinguish role conflict
a scheduling conflict of different roles you do.
Define social institutions
institutions provided to organize needs and events in life
Total institutions
An istitution designed to break down a persons identity and rebuild a new one.
Describe the characteristis of a bureaucracy
1) it is a hierarchical
2) Rules, regulations and important form of communication are formalized in writhing.
3)There is a clear division of labor.
4)technical competence is the determining factor in assigning people to specialized tasks.
5)It treats people with objectivity and impersonality
Describe how efficiency has impacted social life according to George Ritzer
Due to all of the efficiency people are missing out on being able to socialize, form bonds, and friendships.
What are some examples of how efficiency has impacted your own life.
One of the biggest impact of efficiency is cell phones and email.. we have so many ways of communicating that there is nothing to say when people actually get together. I miss the one on one conversations
Describe the caractreristics of bureaucracy outlined by max weber.
They impact the nature of human interaction, they make people feel like a number and our humanity is not fully appreciated.
List bureaucracies that you encounter in your day to day life.
School,all stores, DMV, Medical ins company, utility company,
How do you think that the bureaucratic organization of high school impacts the quality of education.
It seems that Children just fall through the cracks of the school system, they are treated like a test score and not a human with individual needs.
In what ways is the bureaucratic organization of MHCC a good thing?
It is good because everyone is usually treated equall, and offered the same chance. It keeps the school dept organized so it is easy to know who to talk to about what
In what ways is the bureaucratic organization of MHCC a bad thing
There is little communication between depts.
It is like the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing
What is de industrialization
this refers to the reduction fo manufacturing jobs in a society. Jobs are either exported to poor nations to reduce labor costs or replaced with technological innovation
What is Globalization
This refers to lowering of national boundries and the growth of multinational corporatins.
Describe the importance of being productive according to max webber to the roots of Amercian capitalism
Peope served GOD by working hard and not spending money, because of this they had extra money to help develope new enterprises which caused a tremendous growth in capitalism.
Do you think that our culture values working hard and being productive.
Yes, I think that both men and women work very hard and try to be as productive as they can There just are no as many high paying jobs.
Describe capitalism
It is people investing in private enterprises for profit.
Explain how capitalism might influence social interaction
Capitalism can corner all the wealth in a certain % of society and keep it there. This has made a huge gap between the rich and poor.
Describe the film the corporation
This film described how corporations are an entity unto themselves, their only mission is to make a profit at all costs.
Describe your reaction to the movie
I thought that it was incredible how coroporations disregard human suffering. how they diregard the planet and how they treat corporations like a person with no accountability
How does the structure of the corporation influence the role of corporate managers and CEOs
Because a corporation is made up of many different parts and has many different managers. The roles of managers is usually as such that they manage a small part and do not know what the other part is doing. Thay are held accountable for their area and are pushed to produce profit at all costs.