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How many US Presidents were implicated in the Mena scandal?
what were barry seals passions?
beautiful women and aircraft
What US agencies had Seal been associated with in his past "dealings" ?
What was Barry Seal's nickname?
El Gordo
What type of containers was cocaine smuggled into the US?
Attorney Gen. Edwin Meese (in 1986) suggested that Barry Seal had smuggled how much cocaine?
$3-5 billion worth
Why was the Mena and surrounding area chosen for the CIA operations?
it resembled Nicaragua's terrain
Customs officials watched the Mena contraband "expand beyond the Contras to inclue" the export of munitions to which countries?
Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru
What was the name of the smuggling operation or black-market in arms called?
Southern Tier or Southern Arc
CIA "rogue" operations extended beyond Mena and into what other states?
Under what protection were these illegal smuggling operations kept intact?
national security
At the height of its operation, how much $ did Barry Seal deposit on a daily basis?
50,000 or more
How much did Barry seal deposit in 1981 alone?
25 million
Who basically kept Seal from serving a prison sentence for smuggling Quaaludes?
staff of VP George Bush
What epitaph did Barry Seal have placed on his grave headstone?
"A rebel adventurer the likes of whom in previous days made America great."
What was the name of Barry Seal's airplane?
fat lady
Who was Eugene Hasenfus?
survivor of Fat Lady crash who spoke of the smuggling during his trial in Nicaragua
What did an Arkansas state trooper note that occurred in Mena in 1987?
new activities at Mena, Australia companies and C-130s
What were the Mena illegal activities label in 1995?
a rogue DEA operation
What does churning mean?
What happens if someone tries to investigate the rich and powerful?
becomes the victim of his own government
What did sheriff AL Hadaway comment about activities at Mena?
"the community doesnt give a damn"
As of Sept 11 1991 what was still happening at Mena?
CIA flights and money laundering
Who had an affair wiht Hillary?
Vincent Foster
who was involved in the smuggling along side of Seal and clinton?
Larry douglass Brown
What were the Arkansas National Guard units in Honduras ordered to do with the M-16s?
leave em on the ground to be passed
What was POM?
Park on Meter Inc... place where made weapons
M-16s had no..
Why did the drug scandal start?
Passed Boulin Amendment so started selling drugs to profit the Contra war
Who runs the Enterprise?
Olie North
whats going up?
cocaine and new trainees
whats going down?
trained pilots and illegal weapons
When did the drug war start? what is is REALLY about?
1981. exploiting prison laborers
Was bussing successful?
Padillas boss called us
stoned and hungover
Padilla calls on....
gave consent
Males have control over everything but
guys think about sex every ___ seconds
Padilla was forced to have sex with ________ at age 10-11.
his babysitter
When things are objectified, people act ___ an object rather than act __ it.
on, with
What is Dan's joke?
Why did God give one more brain cell to a blonde instead of an elephant? so they dont poop at the parade
Padilla quoted a song by ___.. lyrics?
Lil Kim When youre . . . are you thinking about the baby carriage?
you can ___ and ____ drugs
use and abuse
most people die from ____ and ____.
obesity and tobacco
______ is the biggest gateway drug.
weed decreases the _____ effect.
in drunk driving accidents _____ are hurt more because
sober, they tense up
Diff/ Adorno and Alport
Adorno: if youre racist, youre ignorant. learn to fix it.
Alport: discrimination causes prejudice; competition leads to prejudice.
the ___ company bought Harley
"fat Boy"
new Harley motorcycle made to take out Japs from motorcycle market
to keep blacks from climbing the ranks in the military they held
swim tests
army recruits highest in
NW region