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Which of the following characterizes capitalism as a way of organizing economic life
1.private ownership for the means of production
2. profit as an incentive
3. Free compotition for market sales
4. Acquiction for cheap material
5. utilization for cheap labor
6. Restless expansion and investment to accumulate capital
In which stage of corporate capitalism is the company itself a more defined economic entity, separate from the entrepreneurial family, and controlled by managers?
managerial capitalism
while there is now an ______, it is dominated by _____
don't know
Which country has the most ethnocentric transnational, according to H.V. Perlmutter?
United States
Which sociologist sees the implementation of automation in the workplace as a way to reduce the alienation experienced by workers?
Robert Blauner
A ______ is one in which close relatives other than just a married couple and their children live in the same household or in a close and continuous relationship with one another
extended family
The general purpose of using colloborative groups instead of productions lines is known as
group production
The situation in which married in which a married couple lives in or very near the home of the brides parents is called
matrilocal family
What percent of american children live in a household in which the husband works for pay and the wife stays at home, taking care of children and household?
25 percent
Although their studies may not be representive of the population as a whole, Judith Wallerstein and her colleagues found that for children of divorced parents
1.Almost all children suffered intense emotional disturbances at the time of the divorce
Preschool age were confused & frightened and blamed themselves
3. older children better understood parents motives but worried about its effects on their future and expressed feelings of anger
4. at end of 5 years 2/3 were coping 1/3 were disatusified, depressed
5. after 10 years brought memories of feelings of their parents divorce
One in five families with dependent children are
single parent households
The age group most likely to be victims of child abuse is
0 - 3
A sociological analysis of education would include
socializing influence, education to social inequality, and considar how far the educational system serves to encourage or to reduce such inequality study the nature of modern mass media. pg. 478
James Coleman's extensive study of american schools in the 1960's found
material resources provided in schools made little difference to educational performance, the decisive influence was the childs backround. There was also evidence that students from deprived backrounds who formed close friendships with those more favorable circumstancees were more successfull educationaly. pg
In his theory of the media, John Thompson uses the term ____to refer to monological interaction of the type created by the mass media, where people are not linked directly, but interact in an indirect way over time and space.
Mediacted Quasi-Interaction
Like other aspects of the global society, information is dominated by the most powerful industrialized countries, especially the Unites States. This system is referred to as
World information order
Herbert Schiller argues that _____corporations and culture have become globally dominate by creating a "total corporate informational-cultural environment."
Within developed countries
stark inequalities in computer use within those societies
Max Weber saw ____ as the source of the capitalistic outlook found in the modern West
To assess the extent of secularization, sociologists examine
1. Level of membership in a religious organization
2. Statistics and official records showing how many people belong to a church
In a society with a great deal of pluralism in religion, such as the United States, different religious groups use "marketing techniques" to "package an appealing product" to attract "buyers" in a competive "Market." Which approach in the sociology of religion uses this sort of description
Religious Economy
In the classification of religious organizations based on early theories of Weber Troeltsch, and Neibuhr, _____ were considered to be most established and conventiona, while ______ were placed at the opposite end of the continuum
An association of people who join together to spread a new religion or a new interpretation of an existing religion is a
Religious Movement
The second largest and fastest-growing religion in the world is
What was the major feature of the develop;ment of modern health care systems?
Why do differences in occupational status lead to inequalities in health and illness?
People have different occupations therefore hazardious work increases inequality verses someone with an office job.
How many sexual identies were identified by Judith Lorber
as many as 10
One probable reason for the differences between Kinsey's and Laumann's findings on sexual behavior in the United states is
1. Kensey surveyed colledge students living in sororities, fraternigites, houses, prisons, and friends. Bases on conviences sample, not represted of the american poblic at large
2. Lauman study based on data from national health and social life survey were random samples of more than 3000 americans aged 18-59 who spoke english
What proportion of Americans believed homosexuality is "morally wrong"?
3 out of 5
Genetic engineering is perhaps the ultimate expression of
biological underclass