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Chief of service
MD in charge of specific medical specialty
Durable Power of Attorney
Written legal document appointing a person to make medical decisions when the patient cannot
Bill Rights
Document covering a patients legal rights during hospitalization
Long Term Hospital
Institution with average length of stay of more than 30 days
Informed consent
Patient has his of treatment explained to them and give consent in writing
Chieff Of Staff
MD who supervised medical staff in a hospital
Advance Directives
A patients wish reguarding the or continuation of treatment when they lack the capability to make that decision
Utilization Review Committee
Checks the appropraiteness of admissions, cordination and refferal among a variety of health care services
Occupency Rate
percentage of hospitals total inpatient capacity thats used
Proprioretery hospital
An investor owned institution - For Profit
Rehabilitation Hospital
Hospital specializing in restorative care in order to maximaize the patients level of understanding
Moral Agent
person who ensures the patients best interests take presidence over fiduciary responsibilities
Voluntary Hospital
Private non profit hospital owned by a non governmental groups for the benefit of the community
night spent in the hospital as an inpatient
Average length of stay
A average number of days each patient stays in the hospital. It measures the severity of the illness.
Credentials Committee
This group reviews qualifications of MD's for admitting privileges
What is the difference of inpatient and outpatient services?
What is a voluntary hospital?Explain. How did voluntary hospitals evolve in the US?
What are inpatient days? What is the significance of this measure? How do inpatient days vary by patient demographic characteristics?
What are some of the differences between voluntary and investor- owned hospitals?