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What is the Geography of the Coastal Zone?
1)flat land
2)salt marshes
What is the soil like?
What kinds of jobs (industries) are in the Coastal Zone
3)tourism (people going to look at the attractions)
What kinds of plant life is in the Coastal Zone?
1)the Pitcher plant
2)Venus Flytrap
Both eat insects
3)Spanish Moss grows on cypress and oak trees
4)live oaks live for hundreds of years
5)Sea oats help to protect the sand dunes from erosion during storms
What kinds of animals live in the Coastal Zone?
1) loggerhead turtle
2)blue herons
What is natural environment?
the land and all living things on the land
What is a region?
an area of land that has similar features or characteristics
What is climate?
the usual type of weather in an area over a long period of time
What is the coast?
Much of it is a sandy white beach.
What is an island?
a small piece of land with water on all sides
What is a refuge?
Place where the plants and animals are protected from people
What do the barrier islands do?
protect our coast from the ocean
How many barrier islands do South Carolina have?
over 150
What are the wetlands?
low area that are covered by water all or part of the time
What are marches?
grasslands which are covered in water
What are swamps?
grasslands that are covered in water, but they have trees in it too
what is the coastal plain?
area of flat land between the coast and the Sand Hills