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year of rr strike
year of triangle shirtwaist facory fire
year haymarket square riot
year homestead steel strike
year pullman strike
rr involved in rr strike
baltimore and ohio
what was a major factor in all the rr strikes
wages were cut
where did the rr strike effect
who was the pres at rr strike and what did he do
sent in federal troops to "fix things"
haymarket sq riot who struck and where did htey meet
anarchists ( don't bleieve in gov) chicago
the haymarket sq riot was really a protest against what?
a protest ( way strikers were being treated)
what were the anarchists protesting in haymarket sq riot
police tactics against striking wokers
what hpapned at the haymarket sq riot
bombs thrown at pollice, both sides opened fire
what were results of the haymarket sq riot
KOL suffered , unions lost power, 8 protesters convited and hanged w. out evidence
in homestead steel strike who killed whom?
strikers killed several dectives, becuase they wer hired to protest strikebreakers
who was the guy involved in homestead steel strike and how
carnegie homestead plant cut wages workers striked
why did pullman people lower wages?
depressions, didnt want to lose divdends for their stock holders, so they cut wages
who is eugene degs
union pres .. imprisonated because of pullman strike
how did the america railroad union help in the pullman strike?
said railroads wont use pullman rr cars in chicago unitl pullman made new contract for its workers
what happened as a result of pullman strike
gov pased charges and sent troops ad fed. gov now controled interstate commerce