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NJ definition of abuse
infliction or allowing to be inflicted with physical injury which causes or creates a substantial risk of death, serious disfigurement, impairment of physical or emotional health or impairment of the function of any bodily organ to a child under 18 by a parent, guardian or caretaker
what are the types of abuse?
physical abuse
sexual abuse
psychological & emotional abuse
what dose DYFS stand for
Division of Youth & Family Services
What dose DYFS do?
protects vulnerable children from abuse, neglect or exploitation and supports family preservation
what is the largest adoption agency in NJ?
where would a person report any suspicion of child abuse?
failure to report suspect abuse will result in what?
*A disorderly person charge
*A fine up to $1000
*Up to 6 mo in jail

once reported you are imune from criminal or civil liability
what is protective custody
hospital employees and doctors who suspect abuse are required to hold the child until DYFS arrives (will not be held liable)
what is Bronfenbrenner's model of ecology state?
ecology involves interrelationships between humans and their environments, including the consequent psychological, social and cultural processes over time.
what are Bronfenbrenner's four basic structures?
microsystem, meosystem, exosystem and macrosystem
Micro system refers to what?
activities and relationships with significant others experienced by a developing person in a particuler small setting such as family, school, peer group or community.
define meosystem
consists of linkages and interrelationships between two or more of a developing persons microsystems. ex: the family and the school.
what is socialization
the process by which individuals accuire the knoledge, skills and character traits that emable them to participate as effective members of groups and socioty ex: Help your brother button his jacket. Friends- naccept or reject you baised on if you conform to their values.
members of the child study team:
guidance counsler, psychologists, social worker, principal, speech teacher, learning disabilities teacher consultant
LDTC stands for what
learning disabilities teacher consultant
child study team evaluation includes:
standadardized tests, functional assessment of academic performance and, where appropriate behavior
standardized tests must be:
individually administered, valid and reliable, normed on a representative population, scored as either standard score with standard deviation or norm referenced sourses with a cutoff score
IDEA stands for what
individuals with disabilities act
what does IDEA require?
that the school along with the parents and other professionals develop an IEP for each student with a learning disability.
IEP stands for what?
individual education program
what is an IEP
a written plan developed to explain the students needs and serve as the guide for program implementation
who are the IEP team members
student, reg ed teacher, school system rep, spec ed teachter, a person who can interpret evaluation results, others with knoledge or special expeertise about child, parents, transition services agency rep
what dose LRE stand for?
least restrictive environment
describe LRE
when the child is put in a regular classroom setting (with aide or xtra test time) then depending on progress they move into more restrictive settings as needed.
mainstreeming vs. inclusion
mainstreeming is when a portion of the students day is spent outside the gen ed classroom.

inclusion is when a student is compleatly included in a gen ed program.
guidelines for child supervision
*cannot lock a child in or out
*no hazardous things around child must express no fear of being alone
*know when rents will be home
*must know how to call 911
*child under 6 supervised by a child over 12
*never leave a child under 8 alone
* ages 9-13 should be assessed if resppnsible enough
what is ADHD
a hyper disorder that includes: acting before thinking, being very active,difficulty paying attention
what are the two types of ADHD
inattentive and hyperactive
describe the inattentive type of ADHD
difficulty focusing or staying on task or activity. Lack of organization, gets distracted easily
describe the hyperactive type of ADHD
very active, acts without thinking. constantly running around, fidgets.
What does ODD stand for
oppositional defient disorder
symptoms of ODD
*cant follow rules
* seen as "bad" or "delinqunt"
* usually occurs in boys under ten
contributing factos to ODD
*brain damage
*child abuse
* school failure
*traumatic life experiance
signs and symptoms of ODD
*aggression to people and animals
*initites physical fights
*forces sexual activity
*used weapon to cause serious harm
*destruction of property
*runs away
*serious violation of rules