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Sociological Imagination
ability to connect seemingly impersonal and remote historical forces to basic incidents of life. enables distinguishing of troubles and issues
relatively stable and predictable arrangement amoung people that has emerged over time with the purpose of coordinating human interaction and behaivor in ways taht meet some social need
Social Interactions
Everyday events which people consciously and unconsciously attach meaning to situation, interpret others then respond accordingly
(personal) pneeds probelms and difficulties caused by shortcomings of individual
(social) matter can be explained by factors outside and individuals control
Karl Marx
Socialism creator, exploited vs. exploiter, public wealth better off if power in hands of those who care for public well being
means of production
resources essecntial to the production adn distribution of goods and services
Emile Durkheim
French sociologist, believed soc was all about solidarity (ties to relationships), defined suicide as severing of relationships
Harriet Martineau
English soc asked reader to compare actual workings of society with principles it was founded on
WEB DuBois
created double consciousness: judging oneself through eyes of others, "black" even though parents of different races
Globalization: from above and below
Above: global scale foces that connect people from around the world with education, eco and pol advantages exploiting those who aren't advantaged

Below: Global forces that aim to protect, restore and nurture the encironment and to enhance ordiante peoples access to resources
Sociological theory
set of principles and de that tell how societies operate and how peple relate to one another and repond to their surroundings
manifest function
parts intended or anticipated effects
Latent Function
unintended results or effects