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Appropriate Victims
*Less Likely to report
*Ascribed Gender Roles
*Stress Coping
*Social Learning
Personality Theory
*Deep Feelings of powerlessness
*Borderline Psycho-Neurotic
*Cop out to societies issues within the family structure
*mental illness is an easy scapegoat
Stress and Coping Theory
*structural Stress
*Society Expectations
Social Learning Theory
*Cycle Violence
*Do What they know
act of unwanted attention which poses the potential to cause short term or long term physical or psychological harm on another.
Physical or psychological pain inflicted on one caused by another.
5 categories of hidden victims
-means of control
*parental abuse
-too much responsibilty
*Elder Abuse
*gay and lesbians
why the family is such a violent institution
-remarks hurt more than a strangers
*winners and losers
-all decisions can not always unanymous
*age and sex differences
-old vs young, male vs female