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Social strata resulting from differences in power.
What are the three places of authority?
1. Tradition = parent
2. Status/Office = police
This one works best in our society in terms of social power.
3. Charisma = personality
The Proletariat
They were the working people, who owned little and sold their labor to the bourgeoisie in return for wages.
The Bourgeoisie
Or middle class, were those who owned the means of economic production such as the factories, the trading companies, and the banks.
Open Stratification System
Stratification Systems having ranks with less well-defined boundaries that may be crossed more readily.
Why is ethnocentrism good for the functionalists?
It produces loyalty, cohesiveness and strong group ties.
What are the specific variables or determinants of a persons social class?
1. Education = boils down to amount and goes with prestige.
2. Occupation = prestige associated with job.
3. Income = more educ more money - used to determine persons social class.
4. Life Style = The manner in which one lives.
What are the four ways people may combine prejudice and discrimination?
1. unprejudicial nondiscriminator
2. prejudiced discriminator
3. prejudicied nondiscriminator
4. unprejudiced discriminator
T. Sullivan
Defined Social Stratification.
Money = You work for money.

Wealth = Money works for you.
Started as an economist.
M. Weber
Unprejudicial Nondiscriminator
Most popular combination from the point of view of political and social values.
Accepts other racial or ethnic groups in both belief and practice.
How do scientists use the term race?
As a biological concept to identify a population that differs from others in terms of certain key genetic, hereditary traits.
What are the three general variables of Ranking?
1. Prestige = honor, respect, or esteem
2. Power = ability to influence
3. Wealth = all assets (liquid & material)
Who said there was a distinction between Power and Authority. Authority = legitimate power
M. Weber