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cultural construction
-a perspective on a subject that is shaped by cultural assumptions rather than an objective basis
(without consent)
-the offence of forcible sexual intercourse, involving penetration with someone who has withheld their consent
(with consent)
-with someone whose consent has been obtained by threat, impersonation, or misrepresentation of the nature of the act
women's movement
-the goal of improving the condition and quality of women's lives
the old rape law
-based on consent, so the emphasis rested on the credibility of the victim
-legislative amendment
rape shield provision
-aim of preventing a victim's sexual conduct from being used to discredit her testimony
victim precipitation
-some women are rape prone or invite rape, and blaming the victim for the violence she encounters
sexual assault
-a broader classification of sexual offences than rape and is not specifying that penetration is necessary
-an assault that is a violation of the sexual integrity of the victim
double victimization
-victimized by the act itself and by the reporting of the offence b/c of myths
-new sexual assault legislation
zero tolerance policy
-police are instructed to lay a charge when there are reasonable grounds to believe that a domestic assault has occured