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Define community
defined by physical boundaries and a shared sense of identity or belonging
this was used by Tonnies to describe rurel society. which represented long term personal bonds and friendship
This was used by Tonnies to describe urban society which represented impersonal, competitive,contractual people
What are the two key processes that contribute to population growth rates
Fertility (birth rates)
Mortality (death rate)
Describe Demographic transition and contrast it to the concerns of Malthus
It helps explain why populations in less advanced nations grow more rapidly than in advanced nations. It has three stages. First countries have high birth rates and low life expectancy than they have high birth rate and lower death rate than they have low birth rate and low death rate. most industrialized countries have completed this cycle.
Malthus stated that eventually we would out populate ourselves and have a food shortage. but accordign to demographic transition this would not happen because as nations became advanced they live longer and produced fewer offsprings
In what ways are the new imigration patterns similar to historical patterns? In what ways are they different?
They are similar due to the fact that imigrants are entering the country for the same reasons, wages and the hope for a better life
It is different because the new migrants will not assimilate as ease due to the fact that there is a steady flow and they are actually making colonies. This may cause strong cultural changes in the US
According to Massey, what are some likely outcomes of the new immigration
because of the large communities, learning english will be less harmfull.
The new imigrants may face poverty due to the economy
and growing labor market segmantation
They will be very slow to simulate, creating new cultures
What two structural features are most responsible for the rapid assimilation of european immigrants
The long 30 year gap without imigrants
The economic boomm that accompanied it
Does the two structural features explain assimilation of asian immigrants
I do not believe that the asian culture has assimilated as much as the europeans. I think even with a gap asians hold on the their cultures more readily
Describe changes in the proportion of americans aged 65 and older
by 2030 1 out of every 5 people will be over 65 this is nearly 4 times the proportion 100 years earlier
What is the significance of the growing older population
The potential efffects will be assited living, liesure activities
What are the expected consequences of this change
Families are growing more vertical, with fewer members in each generation but more generations alive at one time. this will change the role that elderly play in our society
According to the article who will the elderly live with and how does this vary by gender and ethnicity
80 to 90% live alone or with a spouse
Women are more likely to live alone.
black and hispanics are less likely to be in a house with their spouse due to high divorce rates
based on the data who among the elderly is most likely to be poor
people 75 or older due to using up their savings on medical care and black mena and women due to low wages
who among the elderly are least likely to be poor
White men due to the jobs they held to help qualify them for max ssi
Whey does the poverty rate for the elderly be misleading
because the official poverty line is lower for persons age 65 or older and does not include medical expense
based on the video and ssi charts should we be concerned about the financial security of growing numbers of senior citizens in the USA? explain
Yes we should be concerned, for one the amount of people on ssi has increased dramatically 70 years which is causing a strain on the system, and it is becoming the main sorce of income for the elderly. Pensions are no longer stable due to companies downsizing. and 401k may not be invested right wich will leace ssi to foot the burdon
Briefly explain how television has changed the gwich,in peoples way of living
They started to have wants that they never had before.
They were now exposed to a TV culture and were now going to mimic that. stories were repleced by tv and food and dog sleds were replaced by modern supply
How have messages the Gwichin receive through television changed the way the young and old interact with one another, How have they changed the way the Gwichin think about themselves
The young are now looking up to idols other than their elders and the old have very little time to teach the ways of their people. They do not consider themselves a tough people anymore, they go hunting by 4wd only when the caraboo are close to camp according to GPS
How has he cell phone effected your life
one big way is that it is always with me, it is like a leash. If I dont answer it when my wife calls she thinks I am ignoring her and we argue
How does the internet relate to generation gaps and social interaction according to the article
social interaction will be less personal. People will not know who they are talking to.
The internet generation will have skills that the older generation will not. There will also be communitcation problems because children will know much more about the internet than their parants
How will the internet change society according to the book
The same information will be available to the poor or rich
We can have relationships with few obligations but with high levels of authenticity
we can minimize prejudices by carefully controlling the presentation of ones self
How do you think the internet will change society
it is going to make it harder and harder for people to interact in person, or even call each other the first thing everyone does is email. this gives the chance of long thought out conversation. it give people a chance to speak without the risk of useless argument
Describe the type and extent of survailCiance in the US
Bar coding children
Thumb print for driver license
Tests measuring sexual desire
Court ordered contraceptive
Ankle monitoring
Describe and define metuculas rituals of power
This is all the little things that we must endure that are meant to control us and keep an eye on us. Such as video monitoring, credit card tracking and beepers you wear for your company. all the little electronic devices that takes away anominity
In what ways does surveillance relate to democracy and the good society according to the author
Democracy shoudl foster the Good socity one that has trust and respect for each other and one that has public areas that do not have you performing infront of an unknown audiance.
Describe the war and peace film and your reaction
This film showed how media is imbeded with the military and therfore controlled by the military to show what they want in order to gain suport for the war. My reaction is that it makes me sick, media should have a moral obligation to report the truth and the truth is that war is hell