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UT SHPhA chapter President
Jimmy He
university is the current National Headquaters or SNPhA
Florida A&M University
SNPhA was founded during this year
faculty advisors
Dr. Brown and Barner
original founders
John Scrivens and Sharon Roquemore
first AA to serve as chief administer to CofP at Howard University. founded NPA
Chauncey Cooper
UT SNPhA chapter founded
founding members of UT SNPhA
Deandra McGiver, Jamie Smith
2 service projects, candy
Ghostgram, Valograms
speaker for Pharmacy Week
Dr. Carol Regan
guest speaker at last meeting
Christine Oramasionwu
Negro Baptist Church
Silver Bluff, SC
first AA to dine at the white house
Booker T Washington
first year of public slave auction in America
slave trade outlawed in US
Tommie Smith and John Carlos made "first in the air"
1968 Summer Olympics
accompanied George Washington across Delaware
Prince Whipple, Oliver Cromwell
Negro History Week founder
Carter Godwin Woodson
AA Associate Justice on US Supreme Court
Thurgood Marshall
enslavement ship landed
Jamestown, Virginai
first AA to recieve a degree from an American College
Alexander Lucius Twilight
1854 Supreme Court ruling dening citizenship tp blacks
Dred Scott Decision
youngest recipient of Nobel Peace Prize
Martin Luther King, Jr.
first AA astronaut to be in space
Major Robert H Lawrence Jr.
first AA to serve on TSBP
Albert Hopkins
he invented the x-ray imaging spectrometer
George Alcorn
low cost telemeter
Floyd Allen
he was the first AA to earn a medical degree
Dr. James McCune Smith
she was the first AA to earn a medical degree
Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler
intradermal injection for small pox
Louis T. Wright
Percy Julian
first Astronaut in NASA to become first AA woman in space
Dr. Mae C. Jemison
Hinton test
seperated the West German conjoined twins in 1987
Dr. Ben Carson
blood plasma, blood bank
Charles Drew
first AA to be in this specialized medical profession
Belzer Kidney perfusion machine
Sidney L Kauritz
George Washington Carver
heart operation
Daniel HAle Williams