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Brand name for butylhyocine
Brand name for cimetidine
Brand name for metoclopramide
Brand name for diazepam
Brand name forpropranolol
Brand name for furosemide
Brand name for thiazide
Type of drug is mannitol
osmotic diurectic
what are 3 types of diurectics
1. loop diurectic
2. ?? - maintenance diuretic
3. osmotic diurectic
Name 2 ACE Inhibitors
1. enapril
2. captopril
What does ACE stand for & how do they work
angiotensin- Converting Enzyme Inhibitors

Block the enzyme that causes vaso-constriction
Drug sto treat CHF
1. hydralazine
2. Nitorglycerine
3. ACE Inhibitors
4 classes of anti-arrhthymic drugs, examples
& how they work
1. Class 1A - depress myocardial excitibility (quinidine & procainamide
2. Class 1B - decrease cell automicity - lidocaine
3. Class II - beta-blockers - reduce automaticity by blodking receptor sites for impulses - propranolo
4. Class IV- Na channel blockers - cardizem or verapamil
What use are caatecholamines
short term management of severe heart failure or anaphyaxis
Examples of catecholamines
1. epinephrine
2. Dopamine or dobutamine
Define automaticity
how sensitive a cell is to receiving an electrical impulse.
EX. if stimulated, it is less likely to respond to more stimulation
How do Ca channel blockers work
block entry of CA into myocardial cells, DEPRESSING CONTRACTIBILITY & reducing autmaticity
What makes the heart beat
flow of ions makes for contraction & relaxation
What hormones are produced by the adreanl glands
1. Cortex -
A. gucocorticosteriod (cortisol
B. mineralocorticosteroids (aldosterone
2. Medulla - epi & norepi
Clinical uses for cortocosteroids
1. anti-inflammatory - preotect 7 stabilize
2. immunosuppressive - alter response
3. replace
Adverse effects of cortocosteroids
1. PU/PD
2. Skin thinning
3. Polyphagia wt. gain
4. GI Ulcers
5. Immunospppression rsulting in reccurant/ severe infections
6. IA hyperadrenalcortiscism or hypo
Brand name for dexamthasone

& use
Azium, Dexasone

Long acting
Not for cats
Brand name for prednisolone
prednisone is converted by liver

intermediat action

less GI ulcer
Brand name for methylprednisolone
Deop- Medrol

intermediate acting


Skin, asthma, allergies
Brand name for prednisolone sodium succinaate

Ultra short actins

Brand name for triamcinolone
vetalog, panalog

intermediate action

What type of drug is cimetidine

& mechanism of action
antiulcer medication aka tagament

H2 receptor antgonist - decreases secretion of Hydrochloric acid by blocking activation of H2 receptors
What type of drug is Diphenoxylate

& mechanism of action
aka Lomotil
antidiarrheal drug

increases segmental contractions whicl decrease the lumen resulting in slower passage of intestional material
What type of drug is Cisapride

& mechanism of action
aka propulsid


Stimulates steh motility of GI tract
What type of drug is Metoclopramide

& mechanism of action
aka Reglan


Speeds gastric emptying; increases cardiac sphinctor tone block pathway to vomiting center in brain
What type of drug is Sulcrafate

& mechanism of action
aka carafate

Mucosal protectant
What are the 4 primary functions of the respiratroy system
1. O2- CO2 exchange
2. regulation of acid-base balance
3. body temp regulation
4. voice production
3 basic defense mechanism of resp system
1. control of secretions
2. control of reflexes
3. maintenance of normal airflow
Mechanism of action of most antitussives
thru the depression of cough center inthe brain
List 3 mechanisms that can cause smooth muscle contraction in brionchioles
1. Release of acetychloine
2. release of histamine
3. blockage of beta-2 adrenergis receptors
List 2 bronchodilators that are beta=1 adrenergic agonists
1. epinephrine
2. albuterol
2 uses for antihistamines in Vet Med
1. insect bites
2. tx of heaves in horses
2 uses for dopram
1.tx of resp depression associated w/ anesthesia
2. stimulation of respiration in newborns&
2 uses of acetylcysteine in vet med
1. mucolytic agent
2. antidote for acetaminihen toxicity
examples of mehylxanthine
1. aminophylline
Example of beta-2 adrenergic agonist bronchodillator
2. epinephrine
3 functions of GI tract
1. entry of food & wter
2. absorption of nutrients
3. excretion
3 basic control mechanisms of the GI tract
1. ANS
2. hormonal control
3. chemical conrol (histamine, prostaglandin, etc)
what is significance of bacterial endotoxins in GI
1. Increase perrmeability of intestinal blood vessels
2. results in increased fluid loss
3. Induce fever
4. initiate shock
2 ex of centrally acting emetics

2 ex of peripherally acting emetics
1. apomorphine & xylazine

2. ipecac & mustard
Drugs that inhibit vomitting
H2 receptor antagonists promite healing og GI ulcers by
reduce the secretion of hydrochloric acid by gastric mucosal cells
Ex of H2 receptor antagonists
1. Cimetidine
2. ranitidine
Stimulation of the parasympathetic part of ANS decreases intestinal motility
How does Sucralfate tx/prevent gastric ulcers
forms a paste-like barrier over the surface of the ulcrs
What function do mineralocorticcoids serve in the
regulate electrolyte & water balance in body
Short term effects of cortocosteriods
1. PU/PD
3. delayed healing
List 4 compensatory mechanisms of the cardiovascular system
1. increasing the heart rate
2. increasign the stroke volume
3. increasing the efficiency of heart muscle
4. heart enlargement
Catecholamines liek epi are used in cardiology for
1. stimulation of cardiac contraction in cardias arrest
4 categories of anti-arrhythmic drugs & examples
1. Class 1A - quinidine
2. Class 1B - lidocaine
3. Class II - prrpranolol
4. Class IV - diltiazem
4 vasodilatr drugs
1. hydrazaline
2. nitroglycerine
3. prazosin
4. enalapril
Why is lasix a loop diurecti
B/c it inhibits resorption of Na in loops of Henle
5 ancillary methods to tx cadriovasc. dz
1. bronchodialtion
2. O2 therapy
3. sedation
4. aspiration
5. centisis
ACE cause the conversion of ---- to ----
Angiotensin I to angiotensin II
Most common diurectic used int tx of heart failure
what is hypokalenmis
abnormally low potassium level in blood
5 factors that may pre-dispose heart to arrhythmieas
1. Condtions that cause hyposix
2. electrolyte imbalances
3. increased levels or sensitivity to catecholamines
4. certain drugs like digitalis, barbiturates,
5. cardiac trauma of dz
Catachlomines like epin are used to
stimulate contractions in cardiac arrest