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what is small pox?
a terrifying natural infection of man
what is the smallpox vaccine?
an artificial infection that prevents smallpox
what is cowpox?
an exotic zoonosis
what are the names of the 2 small pox strains?
Which one is worse?
1. Variola major - kills 25-50% of infected! Much worse.
2. Variola minor - only <1%
What is the incubation period of smallpox?
12-14 days
How is smallpox spread?
Via the respiratory tract
How does smallpox infect a person?
goes through resp tract to lymphatic system. Viremic in all tissues.
What are the damaging effects of viremic smallpox?
-Papules with Guarnieri bodies
-Scarring/secondary infection
What are the diagnostic features of smallpox?
1. History of exposure
2. Febrile prodrome 2-4 days
3. Typical rash
What are the 4 clinical types of smallpox?
What are the fatality rates in each?
1. Hemorrhagic; 100% fatal
2. Flat; often fatal
3. Ordinary; 1-50% fatal
4. Modified; varies
What 3 factors affect the prognosis of smallpox infectino?
1. Clinical type
2. Strain type (major/minor)
3. Age
Where does the smallpox vaccine come from?
How long is the vaccine effective?
3-5 yrs
What are drawbacks of the vaccine?
Encephalitis, generalized vaccine, can kill if given in first year of life.