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Playable Hands (Walker)
pocket pairs: >77, >55 from late
offsuit: AK, AQ, AJ, KQ
suited: >JT, K9s from late
Ax: suited only, lower from late, no A6, no A9
Multiway Pots
The frequency of multiway pots indicates that your opponents play many unprofitable hands
Three Hand Types
Top Pair Hands:(AJo) better against few opponents, but benefit from "dead money" multiway.
Speculative Hands:(44, 87s) better in multiway pots cheaply, but strong suited connectors can pay 2 bets. (never 3 or more)
Powerhouse Hands: (KK, AKs) play well against many or few opponents.
Dominated Hands
In short-handed pot, best pair wins => dominated hands lose money
but, multiway ability to make straights and flushes is valuable (QJs>KJs in raised pot)
Suited Hands
Against 6 or more opponents, expect one or more suited hands
Costly Errors
1)Playing weak hands out of position - avoid marginal hands in early position
2)Cold calling raises with mediocre and dominated hands - play extremely tight with raise in front of you
Monster Pocket Pairs
(AA,KK)raise and reraise, no matter what the action
Big Pocket Pairs
(QQ, JJ, TT)raise from any position if not yet raised, reraise one raise only
Medium Pairs
(99,88,77) two or three-handed against weak opponents or five or more opponents. limp from early, fold against raise unless at least three or more will be in pot
Small Pairs
(66-22) LOOSE/AGGRESSIVE GAME: cheap flop, at most two bets and five or more players
Big Suited Broadway
(AKs,AJs,AQs,KQs,KJs) raise unraised pot (if tight, limp). if raised, who is raiser/position? call against loose raiser or many in pot
Little Suited Broadway
(QJs,KTs,QTs,JTs) better multiway. limp in unrasied pot. raise from late position. call raise only if multiway
Suited Aces
(A9s, A8s, A7s, A6s, A5s, A4s, A3s, A2s) LOOSE/PASSIVE GAME => any position if unraised
Suited Kings
(K9s, K8s, K7s, K6s, K5s, K4s, K3s, K2s) LOOSE/PASSIVE GAME => limp w/ K9s, ON BUTTON => call with 2/3 weak players in front
Suited Connectors
no-gap better than 54s (up to T9s), one-gap better than 64s (up to J9s), two-gap better than 96s (up to Q9s). LOOSE/PASSIVE GAME ONLY = see flop for one bet, free card on flop
Junk Suited Hands
Big Offsuit Broadway
(AK, AQ, AJ, KQ) open from any position, raise if unraised; if raised, WHO IS THE RAISER? fold if raised in front, but reraise with AKo, if weak raiser, re-raise with AQ, if wild raiser, reraise with AJ and KQ
Little Offsuit Broadway
(AT, KJ, QJ, KT, QT, JT) WHO HAS LIMPED? call if weak, fold if strong
LOOSE GAMES => play AT, KJ early/middle, raise from button short-handed

Junk Offsuit
NEVER PLAY, NEVER! including all A9o and less