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What are the 5 layers of the VFs? AND tell what they are made up of.
1: stratified squamous epithelium
2: superficial layer of the lamina propria (collagen fibers: reinke's space)
3: intermediate layer of the lamina propria (elastic and collagen fibers)
4: deep layer of the lamina propria (dense collagen fibers)
5: vocalis muscle
Where does swelling (edema) vocal folds occur? How is this cured?
in Rienke's Space (rienke's edema)
-cured using phonosurgery
What is the name of the movement of the VFs? AND when does this occur?
mucosal wave
-when VFs are in their most relaxed phonatory state (normal speech)
What is vertical phase lag?
-aspect of mucosal wave
-top 1/2 of VFs lag behind bottom 1/2 (creates wave)
What is the role of the respiratory system during phonation?
-power supply
-regulates breathstream to initiate and sustain phonation (constant airflow and Psg)
-emphasis on abdominal muscular support rather than rib cage
What is the prephonatory position? AND what muscles become active for this?
-slight glottal opening
-slight tension in the VFs
-possible adducted position

-active muscles: LCA, PCA, CT, TA
What is the bernoulli effect?
-drop of pressure at the point of constriction
-increase in airflow as it passes thru constriction
What are the types of vocal onset?
Name the vocal registers.
-pulse/vocal fry
What is the neurochronaxic theory of voice production? Is it credible?
-pitch is directly related to firing rate of recurrent laryngeal nerve
-has been disproven
What is the myoelastic-mucoso-aerodynamic theory of voice production? Is it credible?
-voice vibrates as a result of muscle elasticity, mucous, and airflow (not nerve firing)
-proven to be correct
What is vocal shimmer? What does hoarseness do to this?
small changes in amplitude (loudness)
-increases with hoarseness
What is vocal jitter?
small changes in frequency (also increases with hoarseness)
What is perturbation?
cycle to cycle changes in amplitude and frequency (normal aspect of phonation)
What is quasi periodic vibratory manner?
most of the cycles are the same but some are different (i.e., vocal jitter and shimmer)
What will weak or paralyzed VFs result in for onset?
abrupt onset or breathy onset
What type of problems are voice problems?
mechanical and respiratory
What does normal phonation require?
muscular elasticity and aerodynamics
What is the recoil force during VF vibration due to?
slight tension placed on each VF
What will tense VFs result in for onset?
abrupt or breathy onset (will disrupt the recoil force)
For the bernoulli effect to work, which air pressure is greater?
Psg is greater than Po