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In what country was the first modern-day speech clinic established?
Germany (1890-1900)
Who were the grandfathers of modern speech science?
Gutzman & Gutzman
What disciplines fostered the study of speech disorders?
Who was the first graduate of a speech disorders university program in the US?
Sara Stinchfield, 1928
What is the evolution of modern-day ASHA (branching from the medical model)
AASC: American Academy of Speech Correction

American Society for the Study of Speech Disorders (Academic + legislative)

ASHA (1947) + audiology, + communication sciences

ASHA (1981) + language
What is governance model for ASHA?
Board of Directors
-President: Kate Gottfred
-Advisory Councils (don't vote)
What did Section 504 of PL 93-112 estabish for persons with disabilities? (1973)
1-Education is right of all people
What were the educational mandates of PL 94-142?
1-FAPE: Free & Appropriate Public Education
2-Child find
3-Child find programs
6-Rights of students & parents protected by due process
What were the key aspects of PL 99-457? (1986)
2-Shift from medical model to educational model (cognitive-developmental model)
What are key aspects of the educational model?
1-Looks at whole-child
2-Not "fixin", but helping child reach maximum potential in team setting
3-Broader functional approach, not isolated treatment
What are the three pieces of IDEA?
1-1990 IDEA
2-1997 Ammendments
3-2004 "Improvement" word added
What are the highlights of IDEA 1990?
1-Inclusion (classroom)
2-person-first terminology
3-access to educ; rights; professional expectations
What are the highlights of the IDEA 1997 ammendments?
1-Education cannot be denied based on behavior
2-Attorney fee limitations
3-IEP must consider communication needs: hearing & AAC
4-IEP team members
5-Higher educ can compete for funding with K-12
6-Para-educ's can assist
What are the key components of NCLB?
1-School accountability
3-Increased parental choice
4-Mandate for hightly qualified teachers in Title I schools
5-Evidenced based practive
What are the key components of IDEA 2004?
Aligns IDEA (Special Educ) to NCLB (General Educ):
1-Decreased paperwork
2-Specified "qualified provider"
3-Continued Early Intervention
4-Changed transition age from 14 to 16
5-Included research & development
6-Included a funding plan
What are the eleven ASHA Roles & Responsibilities?
1-Prevention (screening & educaiton)
4-IEP/IFSP development
5-Case or workload manager
8-Re-evaluation (every 3 years)
What are the eligibility requirements for Washington?
1-Standard score of 77 or less
2-7th percentile or less
What are the three components of determining eligibility?
1-Documented disability
2-Adverse educational impact
3-Requirement for special education instruction
What is the WAC code for Special Education services?
392-172A-01035 (C)
What is the role of the SLP under WAC?
1-Identificiation (child find)
3-Referral to medical or other professionals
4-SLP services
5-Counseling (parents, teachers)
What is the timeframe in which IEP's for current students must be created?
< 365 days of date of initial IEP