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MELANIE: Heather's dating a wrestler.
NICOLE: That's different. Heather and Jolt are practically married.
Don't say that too loud. My mom might hear you. I like this shade on you, Mel.
MELANIE: I know, but that was before Matt.
What's he like?
MELANIE: I don't know. He's kind of shy.
Jolt doesn't have a shy bone in his body.
NICOLE: That sounds kind of boring, Mel.
MELANIE: It wasn't.
Do you know what Jolt did yesterday? He bought me one of those skimpy, underwear things. All lace.
Yeah, can you believe it? We were upstairs in my room, and one thing led to another, you know...
NICOLE: Oh, my God!
...and my mom was right downstairs in the kitchen!
NICOLE: I can't believe it.
I was so afraid we'd get caught, but that just made it more fun.
NICOLE: I want a boyfriend just like that. It's so romantic. (Pause) But I don't think I'm ready to be sexually active.
God, Nicki, you sound like an afterschool special.
NICOLE: Well, I don't know how else to put it. I don't want the first time to be with just anyone. Maybe there's something wrong with me, but I'm kind of scared.
You would be.
MELANIE: You didn't meet the right guy yet, that's all.
NICOLE: You really think so?
Or else you're horribly repressed and probably frigid.
NICOLE: Shut up, Heather. My mom says, "Wait, don't hurry. You'll know when it's the right time."
You listen to your mom?
MELANIE: I think you're smart, Nicole. Take your time.
Well, she doesn't want to become a member of the over eighteen club. You don't have much more time left, Nicki. Maybe you could be the president.
NICOLE: If you tell anybody, I'll die.
I won't tell anybody. But you better hurry up.
NICOLE: All the good guys are taken. like Matt.
I'm kinda surprised you like him, Mel. I wouldn't think he's your type.
MELANIE: Yeah. It's kind of weird. He does this thing when I talk to him. He listens.
NICOLE: That's so romantic. I want my boyfriend to listen to me.
Jolt loves me. He can't keep his hands off me. And he's jealous. I think it's so cute that he's jealous. As if I'd even look at another guy. Is Matt the jealous type?
MELANIE: It's like...he's my friend.
NICOLE: I want my boyfriend to be my friend.
That's not what she means, Nicki. Go on, Mel.
MELANIE: Never mind. It's nothing.
No, tell me, what is it?
MELANIE: Well, don't tell anyone, okay?
NICOLE: Scout's honor.
What is it?
NICOLE: Maybe he doesn't feel good from losing all that weight.
That's stupid. Jolt says the wrestling season makes them all so horny they can hardly stand it.
MELANIE: It's like he's being careful, cautious for some reason.
NICOLE: Why don't you ask him?
She can't do that. That's stupid. You don't ask a guy something like that.
MELANIE: I kind of like it, in a way. One less thing to worry about.
There might be another reason.
Maybe what they say about Matt and Luke is true.
NICOLE: Hey, that would explain it.
MELANIE: Why would he be going out with me if he's gay?
NICOLE: Yeah. That doesn't make any sense.
HEATHER: Unless he didn't want anyone to know. Then dating Melanie would be.. well, excuse me for saying so, Mel... the perfect decoy.
NICOLE: Yeah, maybe he's just dating Mel so that people will think he's not gay.
That's really low. Drop him, Melanie. Don't let him use you like that.
MELANIE: That can't be true.
How else can you explain it?
NICOLE: Yeah. Why doesn't he act normal towards you?
MELANIE: Maybe he's just not a sex fiend.
Come on. That's not normal for a guy.
MELANIE: You're right about that.
NICOLE: Why don't you ask him?
I told you. That's stupid. You can't just come out and ask a guy a question like that.
NICOLE: Why not?
Get a boyfriend of your own before you wither up and die of old age.
NICOLE: I told you. All the good ones are taken.
Maybe you could have Matt after Melanie dumps him.
NICOLE: I still think he's cute, even if he is gay.
You would. Well, Jolt's coming over, so...