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From which coast of Africa did most New World slaves come?
Well, it's probably the coast closest to the New World, isn't it?
The first Africans arrived in the English colonies of North America on ships from this nation...
Oh,'s that Dutch is not a nation thing.
This was the colony where the first Africans arrived in 1619....
The one where John Smith was so well-known.
Who was that guy who led the indentured servant rebellion and burned Jamestown?
He name reminds me of breakfast meat.
The inventor of the cotton gin?
Be sure you know about the 2 anti-slavery newspapers...
One published by WLG and the other published by FD
Who in the world is...
So...why is Harriet Tubman such a famous woman?
...I mean she's in nearly every history book....
Be sure to know what WL Garrison had in common with Federick Douglass...
...besides being anti-slavery.
Can you locate and label the following countries along the west coast of Africa: Angola, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Senegal, Liberia, Nigeria, Cameroon. Muritania
Well, Mr. Campion, they were part of the beautiful map project I made, so I'll just practice them....thanks for the hint.
There were 2 Grimke sisters..
...why are they famous?
Can you remember the main locations that West Africans were sent to as slaves?
I can if I study that information
Review the worksheet on the Slave Ship video....
...because there are test questions from that paper.
Know the names of famous abolitionists....
Oh yeah, I remember learning about them...Garrison, the Grimkes, Truth, Jacobs, Douglass, Tubman,
Is it really true that some slaves could purchase themselves from their owner?
Yes, it is true...I'm sure you remember Mr. Campion talkikng about that as well as it being in the reading.
Do you remember the difference between the short-staple and long-staple cotton?
Besides the long and the short of it all?
Who in the world was Gabriel Prosser?
Well, I know he was a slave...but there's more...
Be sure to know why Liberia was founded...
...and think of the word Liberty....get it?...."Liberia"...."Liberty"
Who was the slave who actually led a rebellion...
He was one of 3 guys who planned rebellions
What's the Middle Passage?
Hey, this was in the history book and The Glory Field
The Quaker State?
Where so many of the Quakers borders Maryland
What did John Q. Adams have to do with...
...the slave ship Amistad?
These 3 guys led or planned slave rebellions...
GP, DV, NT (these, of course, are abbreviations not actual names
Explain how the invention of the cotton gin impacted slaves and American Indians.
...Hey, this sounds like an essay question for the test (it is)
Do you remeber that class discussion question about...
On the test you will also have map questions based on the large, beautiful, and accurate map you made in class.
Oh, good...I'll be sure to remember that bit of helpful advice. You'll need to label some U.S. states, some South American countries, some African countries and please remember the approximate number of slaves sent to each location...whew!
Be sure to know the estimated number of slaves sent to the 6 locations on your large map
Europe....Brazil...North America (USA), West Indies, Central America, The Guianas